July 06, 2015

Meadows matter

Meadows, and all the myriad of life within them really matter, and thanks to Ruth Allen, (adventurer and illustrator -see Blue Eggs and Tea,) I found out that the inaugural National Meadow Day happened on saturday. How perfect that I had spent most of the weekend in Hebden Bridge in the company of fellow meadow fan, Hannah Nunn, (check out her exquisite lamps, wallpaper and fabric HERE). We have long been internet friends, enjoying eachother's enthusiasm for all things meadowy, so I took the excuse of delivering a collection of my work to the lovely Heart Gallery, to meet her in 'real' life last weekend!

I had a wonderful couple of days exploring Hebden Bridge and completely fell in love with its winding Calder river and its steep, wooded valley-sides, the lovely stone houses and old mills, and the wealth of independent, creative businesses and galleries that line the main streets.

I loved meeting Alison who runs Heart Gallery, and it was great to see her gorgeous gallery that will be showing my work for its summer, 'Walk through the woods" exhibition. It was Open Studios in Hebden Bridge so I had a wonderful time visiting lots of fantastic workshops and studios including Kate Lycett's, Julia Ogden's and of course, Hannah's lovely, light filled studio. I loved Julia's delightfully detailed screen printed animals and plants,

and was soooo excited to see Hannah's new fabrics which I will be buying for some cushions and curtains, oh yes!!

Best of all, after dinner on friday night, Hannah and I headed up to the open meadows above the town, and went for a wonderful walk, chatting, laughing and getting giddy about the beautiful meadow grasses! It was such a happy weekend, thank you so much Hannah, for looking after me so well and becoming a proper, real life friend.  Here are a few pics for you of the meadows behind my house tonight, they are such enchanted places.