May 13, 2010

New shoots in more ways than one...

Apart from one lovely week in April it has been a cold, hard Spring, so it was great to go out into a sunshiny garden today and seeing it beginning to look like it should in late spring.

The alliums have shot up, a few it would seem too fast and now leaning slightly wonkily, like lanky teenagers who are suprised by their own lengthy limbs! They do give a fantastic sense of energy and glamour and I love them. Tomorrow, early morning I will be cutting some for a bouquet requested by a neighbour - a bunch on their own with just a couple of wisps of early Stipa gigantea.

So new shoots in the garden and the teenyweeny beginnings of a new business idea too. The bouquet tomorrow will be one of the first made by Wild Acre, that's me, cutting flowers from my garden, hedgerows and riverbank as nature provides them, and making handtied bouquets and posies. I'm so excited!

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