May 08, 2010

'Silver Chimes' in May

Today, in the cold and rain, and wrapped up in a ski jacket, hood up, I deadheaded the last of the beautiful, pale narcissi 'Silver Chimes'. I planted about 100 bulbs last autumn and they have looked absolutely stunning for over a month. They also smell lovely, but sadly only seem to last 2-3 days in a vase. Weirdly, they also lose their clean-looking whiteness and fade to a slightly tired looking cream.

So, a brilliant garden plant for spring but less good as a cut flower. Apparantly Narcissus 'Geranium' and Narcissus 'Poeticus' have a longer vase life, and it is these I shall be planting in swathes for selling (and enjoying) next Spring.

I'm about to watch 'Wallander" on the TV, glass of wine in hand, and feeling slightly smug that I also managed to rig up some netting to stake the annuals in my cutting patch - first time, and I hope it protects the flowers from the wind we get blowing across the garden.

Wallander is in Swedish, with subtitles, so I must go, since I can't read two screens at once!!

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