July 20, 2010

High summer

It's high summer and we have had some amazingly sunny, hot weather for Blighty and a few big rainstorms as well, the result of which is some stonking growth in all quarters - plants all frolicksome and rampant, growing in and around and over eachother reaching for the hot summer sky, (like the gaura and knautia below).

It amazes me how fast some shoot up, do their razzle-dazzle and are then are past their best so soon whilst others, bless them, do a long, slow burn (sedums, grasses take your bow). The annuals are so glorious, so colourful but burn out without constant picking. As a flower-seller, even such a weeny one, I cannot take my eye off them for even a few days, and some of the floriferous perennials are the same - knautia, veronicas and campanulas spring to mind.

My cutting patch is in its first season, and I planted and sowed the seeds, with my mind occupied more by what I would need for making bouquets, rather than creating a stylish, 'designed' border; no colour co-ordination particularly, and as it turns out, too little thought to eventual size.


But, guess what? I'm loving the vibrancy, the colour clashes and the flagrant flouting of notions of tasteful combinations which have intrigued me before, (the top picture shows it best). I think it might be my favourite spot in the garden right now, not the eyesore I thought it might become. Infact, the other borders look a little demur and dull in comparison.


  1. Your garden looks fantastic. I would love to do a wedding or party with your flowers.

    Can you ship them to Virginia? :)

  2. I think the furthest I've got the dears is about 4 miles!!! Thanks for the appreciation, never lapped up more than when you are starting out like me.x

  3. Please forgive me but I've lifted 2 of your photos and posted them on my blog. Credit and admiration was shared!

  4. My friend Flower Jane led me over to your lovely blog! Love growing flowers, but don't know all that much about cutting flowers. Hope you will teach me.

    Your garden is lovely right now, and I am very jealous. It's abominably hot and dry in Central Virginia right now, so mine is dry and already going dormant. It's great to see what it should be looking like instead.

    Good luck with the cut flowers and with your blog.

  5. Flwjane, um,gosh,well, I'm absolutely chuffed to smithereens that you have found anything remotely worthy of putting into your blog from Wildacre - and since my beloved extended family and friends are all confirmed non-bloggers and probably think I am working through a just having-hit-my-forties-mini-crisis, this is all jolly encouraging!!Merci boucoup!! Thank you for your generous words, made my day!

    Webb, how lovely of you to visit and be so kind! I'm sure I can pick up loads of gardening tips from you, and I'll pass on what I'm learning about cut flowers. I don't know if you saw a few posts ago I did scrawl down all I know about extending the vase life of cut flowers. A BRILLIANT book is, Garden to Vase, by Linda Beutler, I got it from Amazon. Grow your Own Cut Flowers by Sarah Raven is fabulous too and has beautiful photos and loads of practical advice.

  6. Your previous post has solved a problem for me... we planted lots of bulbs last year and of course I didn't label or make a note of them since this was before I got all organised and started a gardening journal. So these glorious purple things came up on long stems, and I knew they must be alliums, and now I know they are drumstick alliums... so thank you! Loved the poppies... we had a new one appear in the garden from who knows where a couple of years ago, deep read and incredibly thick and frilly, just gorgeous. Love poppies... we have a beautiful pink one that has appeared, just one of your normal ones, but the pink is just a perfect pink. Good luck with your flower selling, what a lovely occupation to have... I have always wanted to be a driver for the village florist where I live, to deliver bouquets of gorgeousness to people and see their smiley faces must be so rewarding.

  7. hi belinda,

    i've been sent here by jane (small but charming) and i'm glad she sent me. this is a beautiful garden and life you have here. i'm in love with your garden.


    ps ~ i'm a new follower too!

  8. Oh my gosh, how hilarious, I stupidly wrote, with my first cup of tea of the day in hand, "beaucoup", phonetically in my comment above - note to self, NEVER post within half an hour of waking up and don't be pretentious and write in French, and if you do feel the urge to be pretentious and unwise at least read through before publishing!Embaarrassssingggg!

  9. Hey, Janet, thanks for dropping by! I'm also following your blog - immediately having a fellow-feeling because I too love love whitish, slightly Nordic looking interiors and have white sofas just like yours, I'll have to post a photo of my livingroom one day, its rather similar to yours but in the main triple height beamed space of a C18th English barn. Something about oak floors and beams and roughish white linen combo that floats my boat!

    Your kitchen is gorgeous and the oreo cookie finishing touch is so funny and rather fabulous (as long as you can eat them!).

  10. Darling Belinda, I come from Flwrjane´s beautiful blog and she was telling about your beautiful garden, and oh my god, yes you have a so lovely and wonderful garden, my dear!!! Love everything about it!! So nice meeting you and I dont want to miss what`s going on with it.
    many hugs from Chile,
    maria cecilia

  11. Welcome to my blog, Maria Cecilia. A hug from Chile - wow, this blogworld is fabulous!Thank you for kind words from South America.

    Maggie, glad I could help with identifying the alliums - they are gorgeous at every stage aren't they? Poppies are amazing, the way they seem to seed themselves all over the place and appear in all sorts of shades!Lovely.