July 23, 2010

End of the school year at last!

At last, at last, UK schools are closed for the summer holidays - 4 very happy kids in our family, ready to sleep-in, stay-up, get grubby, sandy, salty-haired and FREE!!

I have been busy fulfilling requests for end-of-year bouquets for teachers, and as I was making them, I was reminded what an incredible job they do for our kids, and by extension, us all. It is not always/ever easy at the coal-face of teaching and so teachers everywhere, I salute you.

Here are a few of the Wild Acre bouquets that thanked teachers close-by.


  1. Beautiful work! I love the free-and-easy style. My favorite!

  2. Gorgeous, elegant and just the opposite of those posed bouquets one usually gets. I am sure they were all delighted.

  3. Thank you! Can't go wrong with white and fresh green!x

  4. They look so cool and fresh. good job!

  5. Lovely bouquets. Where do you get the sweet containers?

    See you installed a feedjit. Don't you love it?


  6. Hi flwjane, chuffed you like the bouquets, the enamel tin jugs are just from a local garden centre, I'm trying to get them wholesale from a company called "tobs" but they usually sell them by the 100! Feedjit is fun and makes me begin to believe you are not all my mum in disguise!!x