August 08, 2010

Blue sky dreaming...

Myrtos Beach

I am going to be dreaming of Kefalonia for a long, long time. 

Unbelievable blue skies and the cleanest sea I have ever swum in - clear, cool with a seafloor of white, sea-softened pebbles.

Bays encircled with high blue hills, studded with cyprus trees and olive groves.

view to the sea at Sami from our balcony

A garden of aromatic herbs and beautiful terracotta pots.

Oh and the food - local, seasonal, sun-ripened loveliness - the daily baked bread served in the nearby family-run taverna, brushed with Greek olive oil and toasted on a hot stone, or topped with a local cheese which was a little like a cross between ricotta and feta, with garden grown local tomatoes and more olive oil and oregano, well...sighs of joy all round!!

The realisation that it is easy to understand what you have been given when you lose it, but so much better, if you have the chance, to appreciate and enjoy the people you love when they are with you.

Most of all, the celebration of a father, husband, grandfather who has always loved us, fought our corner and never expected thanks. THANK YOU Papa, and may many more happy birthdays be yours.


  1. Lovely. Lovely post and dreamy holiday.

    I for one am chuffed you're back.

    Still love that word. More please.

    Now you have to make meals like that at home.

  2. What a gorgeous place and I can feel the water from your description. Sorry you had to come home.

  3. Thanks flwrjane and Webb, I so appreciate the fact that you leave comments. Chuffed. Again.

  4. Hello, thanks for looking at my blog. My business is only small, the way I like it. I love my dog percy too bits. Your garden lots fab where are you, I would love to have land to grow more things. Will enjoy reading your blog from now on.

  5. Hola Belinda, red in your profile that you love cultivating your garden, same as me!!!! Gardening is the most wonderful thing ever to do!!!
    Saw some pictures of your lovely garden, congrats and keep working hard in it to have many, many flowers!!!
    Thanks so much for your visit.
    Greetings from Chile,
    maria cecilia

  6. Welcome back, Belinda! Your photos and descriptions are breathtaking! What a wonderful way to celebrate a special birthday.

    I am sorry for you that your vacation is over, but selfishly I am glad because I've missed your witty flower metaphors, garden trivia, and photos. Thank you for the prompt dahlia post! I was in need of a little fix.