August 13, 2010

Footnote to yesterday

My daughter and I went out, between rainshowers, to walk the dog across the very same fields where I found the flowers etc yesterday that made me so happy. Guess what, the farmer had been by with the hedge trimmer attachment on his tractor and instead of  a mass of flowers and seedheads, we saw this

Nothing, nada, gone, strimmed to oblivion. Well, never mind, the seasons roll on, just glad I had my eyes open wider than normal yesterday. Its easy to miss loveliness in life by never quite being in the moment isn't it?

Beauty was walking by my side, in a hoodie, instead...


  1. What a lovely child! You have beauty in your life everyday with her.

  2. That's true, and I think you can tell from her face how kind she is. I may be boasting now, sorry! Love it that you make the effort to comment though, thank you.