August 31, 2010

Last mouthful of summer

Summer's almost done, so I'm savouring the last tastes of warm and sunny days. I'm lingering in the moment before it's gone.

Luckily,  I discovered the most luscious peach and almond sponge affair on the seriously inspiring blog 66 Square Feet, and urge you to check it out and give it ago. Marie is quite clearly a food genius who can spot a stormingly delicious, life-affirming recipe at 50 paces, create new dishes to lose a waist for and is kind enough to share them in a brilliantly clear, step-by-step sort of way, (thank you, thank you, Marie). It is quite as fragrantly delicious as promised and sums up all the lush sweetness of summer fruit in a lovely light but soft, buttery sponge. A dollop of creme fraiche and a few fresh berries added a sharper note to cut through all the sweet richness and almost sent me over the edge.

Dare you not to groan with pleasure eating it.

Actually, go ahead, groan away, linger in the moment before it's gone.


  1. Why, thank you, Belinda. You describe this cake far better than I do...I have made it thrice. I have also had to start some serious exercising!

  2. I made it for the second time today, Marie, as a salute to the last official day of summer. Frankly, any excuse would have done!x

  3. Belinda, I adore your writing. So does my mom, though she's even less of the commenting type than I am. But just so you know, we're both pretty smitten.

    I noticed you have added "Jewelry Bench" to Wild Acre's banner . . . is this one of the other subjects we can expect to hear "ramblings and rants" about this winter??? I cannot wait.

  4. Yum i am going to check out that recipe - how luscious do those raspberries look, we don't get them easily here..drool