August 21, 2010

Late summer show-offs

Here are a small sample of the in-your-face, showy-offy floral divas that are strutting their stuff all over my borders at the 11th hour of summer, modelling my Summer/Fall collection .

They apologise to no-one for their garish colours and over-the-top style.

They seem to dare anyone to criticise. I won't be, I chose them. They know where I live.

So, zinnias, sunflowers, pincushion flowers and dahlias; catwalk queens and end of summer heroines all.


  1. Wasn't i nutty about the poppies? Or just nutty in general. BUT scabiosa, one of my faves, and those dahlias. Oh my.

    Customers await, wish I was using a few of your show girls in my next arrangements.

  2. Dahlias to die for - love that DARK one. Next year for sure!

  3. Hi Belinda,
    Your flowers are just beautiful. I can't even imagine growing anything like that...wowza!

    Now about our teeth...Honey has veneers. He had awful teeth too. Lost some as a child, discoloration etc... When his dad passed he was given some money and we invested it in his pearly whites. Best decision ever! My teeth have had braces three times (2x's in high school and once as an adult). THREE TIMES...but they do stay pretty white:) About once a year or every other year I use Crest White strips. They work like a charm. You'll have to try it. Thanks for the compliment. We really do appreciate you noticing...HA!

  4. What a great collection you have here Belinda....I have to say the top on is dazzling me big time!

    Jeanne :)

    PS..thanks for stopping by today, always lovely to hear from you:)

  5. Hi Belinda! Once again I am charmed by your fantastically right-on flower personifications. Now I find myself coveting a poofy-but-tailored, wine-colored, silk taffeta gown just like Dahlia's.

  6. Belinda, thanks for dropping by, and I would like to wish you the very best of luck on your new endeavor.

    My only wish is that you had started your new business right next door to me. Could you imagine? My camera, and your flowers....


  7. Thanks, the show-offs and I appreciate your kind words!

    Farmgirlpaints, thank you for your top-tip, Britain shall be scoured for Crest White Strips.

    You all have sooo many skills between you, wish you all lived nearby, so i could ask you a gadzillion questions about floristry, painting, cooking, photography..the list goes on. Hmm, can now hear a collective cyber-sigh of relief coming through that you don't near enough to be plagued by such an excitable Brit!!

    Seriously though, awed by the talent I see.

  8. Hello Belinda,
    what beautiful flowers!
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! I´m so glad about it!
    Have a wonderful wednesday,
    Hugs, Yvonne