August 12, 2010

Treasure in the hedgerows

I wasn't meaning to post anything on my blog today, and then I took our dog, Rolo, for a walk and at the last moment slipped my camera into my pocket. Having a camera on hand really makes one look at stuff in a new way, and suddenly the corn stubble in the fields and the view to the low hill beyond, softened by warm summer rain, looked rather ethereal and lovely...

And then, before I knew it, everywhere I looked there were the most beautiful seedheads, bramble flowers, fruits and late summer wildflowers,

Honestly, it was like some mad floral epiphany and I walked home with a fistful of wildflowers and seedcases and took a few pics, very quickly, very haphazardly, but to give you some idea...

click on this to see the detail - love it!

Apologies for going on a bit, but isn't nature flipping wonderful sometimes?!! And imagine what could be done with these foraged beauties in the hands of an, say, randomly, themonkeyflowergroup? Frankly, the mind boggles. 

Enough already, longer than I mean't to be.


  1. Hi! What a lovely post, now I want to go for an amble today in my local bit of bush to see what beautiful things are there.

  2. How lovely where you live.

    And yes, the monkeyflowergroup would rock these treasures.


  3. Sepal and Twig, thanks for visiting! Go do it and be amazed when you look close!!

    Flwjane, thanks, and wouldn't she just?!

  4. Personally, I think your random, haphazard bunching together of those lovelies is far better than anything anyone else would do. People tend to tweak and fuss too much, nature does it best, nice and simple, so if you have them indoors, for me it is best to leave them that way. Great pix by the way.

  5. Hi Belinda...many thanks for your comment recently on my blog. I can totally relate to this post...your right, nature is just flipping wonderful..all the time :)


    PS...look forward to following your blog :):)

  6. So gorgeous, Belinda!

    I completely identify with what you say about how a camera can heighten awareness of one's surroundings . . . it's always fun to look at the crazy beautiful gems nature offers up, but it's even better when you know you'll be able to share it. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of your treasures! And thank you, also, for your kind speculation about The MFG. I'll have to agree with Maggie, though, regarding the loveliness of your groupings. Beautiful.

  7. Thanks for visiting and for your kind comments! I guess flowers, like any material, can be left simple or worked into new beauty. Nature and art - both flipping wonderful!xx