August 28, 2010

A quilt for Autumn

I made this informal bunch of flowers for a customer today, a real summer/autumn cross-over mix; mainly sedums, zinnias, anemones and cosmos.

A moody vaseful of dahlias, scabious and continus foliage, for our sitting-room also intimated the change of season.

Whilst I had been pottering about in the garden, picking the flowers, I couldn't help noticing how many of the flowers have quilted centres at this time of year. They look as though they are preparing for colder nights as well.

Well, you get the picture. Echinacea, heleniums, rudbeckias, dahlias and scabious all at once exhibiting their cosy, quilted centres. Looks like they are getting ready for bed, but they should have several more weeks of flowering to do before they are cut down and tucked up at the end of the growing season.

I am beginning to wonder, though, how long I can keep the garden in flower, and for how many more weeks Wild Acre can keep creating bunches and bouquets to sell. A week of heavy rain has hastened these feelings but it seems my mind has begun to move away from summer already...


  1. Isn't it odd how the beginning of September changes everything. Here in the US we have Labor Day the first full week of September and most school systems start then, so there is a sort of "cultural" change, but beyond that the weather really does seem to change. I love the cooler evenings and the coming of the fall flowers, but you are right. It's hard to have the same level of excitement about the garden that one has in the spring and summer.

    Like your new banner.

  2. When your garden is also your business, you must be even more aware of the passing of the seasons and those times when there isn't much in the garden apart from greenery? I know I need to be a bit more organised about planting, as at the moment, our garden seems mainly shades of green. Lots and lots of shades it's true to say, but not much in the way of splashes of colour apart from some deep red snapdragons, orange calendula, a delightful pale pink poppy and a few other bits and pieces including grass flowers/seedheads. There are these bland times in the garden, and I need to sort this out. Note to self: must try harder!

  3. Maggie, i agree, I have got serious room for improvement this time of year!
    Thanks for the comments, Webb, I'm hoping for a new feeling of energy, and "new term, new plans' vibe when the kids go back to school at the end of the week. On the other hand I may collapse into the sofa with a giant cup of tea and glossy magazine to mourn/celebrate the peace and quiet!

  4. What great pictures of the beautiful flowers you posted here! There is some drama in them! The second bouquet is my favorite here - exquisite!