August 19, 2010

Summer/Fall Collection

It is a funny time of year in the garden, right at the end of the summer, with autumn just around the corner but not started yet. Sometimes the sun shines and England looks summery, and the next day there are misty intimations of the new season about to take over.

I wandered around the garden today, and was struck by how some areas are still in their summer colours, still having the fresh, clear lightness I love,

However, other areas of the garden are in full autumnal robes; burn't orangey colours, yellows, deep plums and strong reds,

I rather love some of the inbetween-season colour combos,

and some of the new buds of autumn have a particular thrill because, unlike in Spring, they are fewer and rather poignant because you know their glory is shorter lived. These sedum blooms, bursting into life, are so lovely,

The buds and flowers of the Japanese Anemones also have this misplaced Spring-like freshness, 

But, whilst there's lots of beauty to enjoy, the overall look of the garden is a bit Janus-like, looking forwards and backwards at once, and I find it slightly unsettling, irresolute. I like to know where I am generally in life, I am not so good at uncertainty. Time for a cup of tea.


  1. Simply beautiful!

  2. Your summer fall collection is sure to be a hit.

    I love your sedum pictures. I want to eat them.

    Looking forward to a stroll in your garden- pre bonfire, er I mean pre grilling. There will be bonfires, nothing will be harmed.

    XO Jane

  3. How gorgeous.... love your photographs - great blog too! x

  4. Thanks, all!

    Flwrjane, do you think the DDs (Darling Dogs) get to party too - a saluki, black lab and spaniel - can you imagine?? Does marie have a pooch too? What a crazy do it would be!:)

  5. Love the idea of Janus in the garden. That's really right for now.