September 11, 2010

Bouquets for sale!

Here are some of the bouquets I made from those flowers I picked yesterday.

These September colours, in the immortal words of one very kind American reader of my blog, "rock my socks off". 

In English-English, they really are rather lovely.


  1. I love the burgandy dahlia with the Bells of Ireland!! (I could be wrong on both flower IDs, but hopefully you know what I mean...) :)

  2. Gorgeous flowers, and I love the dark green paper you used for the bouquet, it compliments the flowers perfectly. Impressed, again... sigh!
    Maggie at

  3. I'm the kind American??? Sweetness! I didn't even realize on my first read-through. :) (I do say that a lot though, huh??)

    For what it's worth, I used "Cheerio!" yesterday in a facebook conversation with a friend whilst drinking tea and trying to pretend that I was English English.

    (Do you even say "Cheerio"? Or is that just a rumor...?)

  4. Hi Belinda,
    Thanks for the second message! My normal way of being is to be open, to have the same sort of relationship with close friends that you said you admired amongst the American bloggers. I do think sometimes it pays to be a bit circumspect, in my case I wear my heart on my sleeve but have had it ripped off so many times that now I am approaching old lady status - free bus pass and all - I feel it is time to be less forthcoming, shall we say? I am finding it hard, it is in my nature to give hugs, to touch people, and to accept the same in return, physically and metaphorically. But not everyone appreciates it do they?

  5. Flowerpatchfarmgirl and Maggie, I still feel in the 'honeymoon phase' with blogging and lucky to be meeting such interesting and talented writers, artists etc (however 'ordinary' they feel they are).

    I agree Maggie, it is difficult to know how to pitch the tone of communication, especially when you have no control/knowledge of who you are reaching.I understand your need for a little circumspection, and I worry about offending people (don't want to upset vegetarians by discussing meat recipes etc), but guess you just have to be yourself. Corny but true!