September 24, 2010

Coming up roses

I couldn't resist posting pictures of these lovely roses, ('Graham Thomas' and 'Special Memories'), which are repeat flowering their little socks off despite some slightly crazy weather which is flick-flacking between Indian summer and windy rainstorms.

This yellow rose is one of David Austin's, and honestly I wish you could scratch and sniff the photo because the smell is so wonderful, damask-y, fresh and not overpowering at all. It flowered like mad in the summer and has been covered in blooms again all through September. It also manages about 3 or 4 days in a vase which isn't to be sniffed at. Except occassionally, when you can't resist.

The coral coloured rose was given given to me at my 40th birthday party last year, so the name 'Special Memories' is very apt. It is floral eye candy at every stage.

What colours in one rose - coral, sunset, peaches, blushing cheeks, stained lips....


  1. I absolutely adore roses. We've got quite a few in our garden but none of these varieties.Lucky you!

    Have a lovely weekend.


  2. I cannot grow roses, no matter what I do ... and I've even got a green thumb

  3. Absolutely beautiful roses!
    I've just come to you from Savvy city farmer where I read about your growing up years! I lived on Kensington Square while taking some university courses years ago... walking to the parks was one of my favorite things! I love London and especially that area! Reading about your early life brought back such lovely memories! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Please visit me at my history blog!

  4. Gorgeous... I just don't seem to get on with roses, they always get blight, mildew, aphids by the zillions.... but I do love them. Thanks for showing us yours, wish I could show you mine!!

  5. Hi Anne, thanks for visiting! Well, what a small world! I know I'm totally biased, but I do think it is a wonderful part of London! The leafy squares, lovely parks, history and of course, shopping! So glad to have prompted some happy memories.

    Hi city farmer, welcome to my blog! I think we are lucky here to have a really good climate and fertile soil for roses. They can be tricky though, which is why I cannot recommend David Austin's English roses enough, they are bred to be strong and trouble free as well as beautiful and lovely-smelling. They have transformed my confidence with roses! I wonder if they ship overseas or have overseas stockists? It might be worth checking if you feel inspired!

  6. Hi Maggie, see above - David Austin roses are fab! and I'm not on commission! Also I find cutting them right back in Spring helps hugely. Have a lovely weekend. x

  7. Hi Belinda,

    Your roses look great! I like the yellow David Austen one. I bought a William Shakespeare rose recently. I believe it is by David Austen as well and smells heavenly too.

    Enjoy your garden!

    Happy weekend,


  8. David Austin roses are the best, the fluffiness of them always astounds me. The rose in the last picture is just glowing...beautiful...and the meaning of it makes it even more so! xo J~

  9. Roses are just beautiful, having a wonderful scent, a bonus!!!!!!!!!!
    Antique Rose

  10. Quite agree, Greatma, and thanks for dropping by!

  11. Hi Belinda! Gorgeous, gorgeous photos and sentiment, as usual. My mom and I (perhaps a little selfishly) ordered a bunch of David Austin varieties for my sister's new garden. Hopefully they will soon look as lovely as yours!

    Your upper story star comment about the anemones is right on. I was admiring your pink, silver, and white arrangement quite fervently when it debuted a while back. The anemone really is a wonderful garden plant, and I find excellent in the vase too, no? It is a wonder they don't seem to be too popular commercially. Or am I just missing something?

  12. I'm sure your sister will love the roses! I cut them really hard back in the spring which they seem to love - it was a tip from my father-in-law who has a big rosebed full of Austin lovelies!

    Totally agree about the anemones, and i find they last well too. And I love the way they dance about in suspended vertical perkiness - really give a bouquet some aireyness and life.

    I guess they don't travel internationally well maybe. We have so very few flowerfarms in the UK, nearly all come longhaul or Holland at best. Also I suppose it is one of those plants with multiple branches on each stem with flowers at different stages, which is too much maintenance for florists?? Who knows, I love 'em! Thanks for your kind comments anyway, always appreciated!

  13. Your Graham Thomas is lovely. My mom has it in Cape Town and it must be eight feet tall. I'm learning more about which Austins work where. I don't think I can live without roses.

  14. Me neither Marie. And thanks for the correct spelling, 'Austin'. For shame I should check my typos better, (quirky grammar I quite like, but bad spelling is sloppy!).

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