September 28, 2010

First season done!

Well. Can't quite believe it but Wild Acre has finished its first season of cut flower growing. I set out from the very beginning to use only the flowers I (or friends and family) grow, so in England this really means April to October. I just can't face the worry about frosts and dwindling supplies, so until April 2011, Wild Acre will have no more blooms to play with.

It has been a steep learning curve, turning a passion into a business idea. However small the enterprise (and mine really is a tiddler!), it is has been hard work and real fun at the same time. I am also hugely fortunate that the family has a proper breadwinner, this will not be getting many meals on the table! But a start has been made, a suprising amount of people showed interest and even more importantly, I just got out there and did it people. That's the crucial thing! I'm an A* dreamer,  great at reading and researching my ideas (and diets and health regimes, but that's another story), but this time I actually managed to extract my brain from the  dream clouds and got practical. For me, this is an achievement! Yes, pisces, whatever!!

When I say, Wild Acre has shut til spring, what I really mean is I am swapping the secateurs for my jewellery tools, because until April, I am working on a small collection whilst studying the craft of silversmithing - fifth term. I have a bench at home,

and wild dreams of a website, maybe an etsy shop and certainly begging assistance from my glam jewellery dealing sister! We will see if I can make this more than pie in the sky in the coming year. I'm inviting y'all in on the journey! Wild Acre jewellery will be viewable soon, and stories of the garden will linger on as I work and plan for next year. Thank you very much for visiting and comments and advice/feedback are so welcome.


  1. Well look at you all blonde and pretty!

    Congratulations on your first year in business.
    looking forward to seeing what you do with your jewelry ,if it's 1/2 as beautiful as your flowers I think we're in business.

    xo Jane

  2. The first year is always the hardest, and you've done it! Congratulations. Can't wait to see what you do with jewelry. And, keep writing.

  3. Thank you my kindest Virginian friends, well my only Virginian friends, but so very kind, and encouraging! If everyone in your neck of the woods is this lovely, I might have to up-sticks!

    Photos kindly taken by Finn, our 7 yr old - amazing what a bit of wonky focus can do to soften the features!

  4. Crikey, Jane, I've just noticed how HUGE my hand looks in the first pic, it looks like a paddle!! How did that happen?xx

  5. Having just read your comment on Jane's Small but Charming I had to come visit! Good luck with the jewelery and the flowers look beautiful. I will be back to check out how you are going soon.

  6. Well done on your first season.. from little acorns?And here's wishing you luck with your autumn/winter venture, good time presumably to start, with Christmas not that far away.
    And please, don't let me read the words dieting or slimming or anything like that, come from your blog again. You seem a perfect size to me...
    From one who ain't a perfect size any more....

  7. Congratulation for your fist year! And I hope you will have many success!!!!!!

  8. Thanks to you all, I love getting your comments. Will not babble on about diets, promise Maggie!x

  9. CONGRATULATIONS AND WELL DONE!!! I totally understand your comment about being an A* dreamer! I too am good at the ideas, planning, research and all the bits that come before taking the final leap. In fact, my blog is about the only thing that I have followed through to creation! My husband is bored to tears of hearing about my next "AMAZING" plan for a cottage business (I have FILES full of business plans,cuttings, inpsiration, logo's etc!) , so I commend you for having had a dream (two dreams in fact) and following through. Very inspirational - you put me to shame!!! xxx

  10. Congratulations on taking the plunge and having such a successful first season! Looking forward to seeing your jewelry creations x

  11. Mrs S, I am so glad to have found a fellow -dreamer, reader and researcher! May it never be said we were ill-prepared for anything! I think what has helped me get out of my own head and into doing something real was the realisation that it could be really small, no shame in that. Acorns and oaktrees and all that (and growing to just a bigger acorn was ok too!). And that I could stop if I hated it! Those of us who like to achieve can set such scary goals, it never happens.

    Sepal and Twig, thanks for visiting and kind words, it is so appreciated!x

  12. Belinda, you are my inspiration, I have been wanting to sell my roses always but never got the courage to do it and with your experience I will love to do it now that they are all blooming!!
    Thank you,
    maria cecilia from Chile

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