September 10, 2010

Rich Autumn pickings

Although I feel that my window of picking flowers in the garden is drawing to a close for the year, when  I actually walk through the flower beds there is still so much there. These pictures represent an hour's hard picking, just photographed as picked rather than artfully posed I'm afraid, but I was still taken aback by the richness and variety just a few weeks from the first possible frosts.

Dahlias, eucalyptus, cotinus, cosmos, anemones, sedums, snapdragons and bells of Ireland, all to be made into posies and bouquets for a village fair tomorrow.


  1. Gosh, I wish I weren't thousands of miles away. I'd be at your garden weekly to buy these beautiful flowers.

  2. Beautiful! The scent must have been amazing!

  3. Like you, I thought there wasn't much in the garden until I actually looked. Of course there are all the grasses and different shades of greens, but some gladioli in a rather virulent salmon pink have appeared (did we plant them, and if so, why?), there are sedums, penstemon, cransebill into their second flowering, poppies, salvia, and then all the different coloured foliage of different heucheras.It pays to look closely!
    Maggie at

  4. September is such a good month in the garden. makes me grateful. Grateful the heat of summer is over, grateful for the flowers still here and blooming. Grateful in about another month i can stop wedding.

    xo Jane

  5. Jane, you are so right about September. Is that weddings you stop doing soon, or weeding, or both?xx

    Maggie, love your new blog! BTW, my mum's from Norfolk and we go up there lots, always have done. North norfolk is close to my heart!

  6. Ha! Meant weeding, God don't let me get married again!