September 21, 2010


I was tagged a little while ago now by the glamourous Mrs Sutton over at The HillHouse Diaries which despite sounding slightly agricultural, was rather thrilling.

And then mild anxiety set in: I was asked to answer 8 fiendishly tricky questions. Generic, open-ended questions cause me to fret because the answers are impossible to pin down since I change my mind depending on mood/season/state of bank account etc. Sooo, the following are a snapshot of what I am enjoying right now...

1. My ultimate dream job? Yikes, with 4 kids in tow? If fantasy is allowed, I would choose something artistic, which I would be gaspingly brilliant at, make a fortune from, achieve perfect work/home balance with and find absolutely fulfilling. That's all.

2. Where would I live, if I could live anywhere? You are going to make me leave here? noooo way! Canada sounds lovely, South Island, New Zealand makes me want to sing with joy. Ghent and Copenhagen seem the epitome of cool style. I know cities with mountains and oceans make my heart flutter, think Cape Town or Sydney, and I have always had a weakness for North Yorkshire and The Borders, but to live? Right here. It's my nest, I love it (but just wish it was by the sea).

my patch of England

3.What period of history would I like to wake up in tomorrow? I'm slightly obssessed with history, and would love a short visit in every century, Middle Ages probably first. 1920's nightclub next. Only wouldn't want to stay to long, I'm far too scared what might happen if I got sick. Neurotic like that.

4. My choice for last ever meal? Feed me the best handmade bread, the best selection of artisan cheeses, the most perfect fresh figs, and the best red wine and I would die happy. The final mouthful might have to be chocolate.

5.What made me start a blog? The honest answer is needing something to discipline me into making a record of what I am growing in my garden, and what works for my little cut flower business, and at the same time having a e-shopwindow for Wild Acre. It seems to be bursting way out of that remit...

6. My favourite item of clothing? The inky-purple, slightly Grecian-looking, blissfully flattering dress I wore for my 40th party last year. Beautiful dress, amazingly wonderful memories attached to it. And, for the daytime, two current faves are my Fly boots and a slinky Zara waistcoat - both for their simple style, sheer comfort and slight tomboyishness.

7. My favourite film?  Can't possibly single one out!! Favourites include Sliding Doors, Calamity Jane,
Sense and Sensibility, Cinema Paradiso, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Gandhi, Cyrano de Bergerac ...and so the eclectic mix goes on!

8. What would I like to acheive/do/see before I reach 100? Seriously, how do you answer that without writing a book? For my sanity and your boredom threshold, (and taking world peace etc as a given), I will limit myself to 5 short answers: See my kids grow up into happy, healthy adults, potter in a souk, look at the stars from a desert, make something beautiful that will outlast me, find the perfect chocolate cake recipe.

Now I have to tag 8 others with different questions. My questions are:

What is your favourite book?
What is your top beauty secret or product?
What is your top chocolate cake recipe? (I know flagrant self-interest is going on!)
What do you most enjoy about having a blog?
Where is the most beautiful place you have visited?
Describe your best breakfast/brunch?
What is your most treasured possession?
What have you discovered to be an important truth?

 I have discovered these 8 LOVELY blogs recently, and it would great to hear their answers:

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  1. I'm still thinking about my answers from being tagged by Mrs Sutton.

    Those are great ones! I'll have to try not to copy you!!

    I love 'blissfully flattering'. What a great phrase.

  2. This is such fun~thanks for including me!! Love your answers and great job creating new questions. I will work on my answers today and get it posted asap....thanks for the blog post inspiration, the well was starting to run dry. ;)

  3. Belinda...this looks like fun and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading your answers. You have a natural writing style that is very entertaining :) I am going to have a good think on this one...I like your questions but the last one will take some contemplation! I will let you know when I post it.

    Thanks again for following along :)


  4. WONDERFUL answers! Isn't it fun - it really makes one think - although, I agree, a paragraph often isn't enough! I particularly LOVE your answer about where you would live - home sweet home - the best answer in the world! x

  5. I don't even know what being tagged means, apart from in the anti-social behaviour sense!

  6. I know Maggie, it's all new to me too. I thought being tagged sounded rather like I was a prize heifer or sheep! Bx

  7. Lovely to have discovered you from Morning T! It was fun to read her answers and it was doubly fun to read yours!


  8. Thanks for visiting Jessica, I was blown away by the ocean views where you live! x

  9. Hello Belinda and thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. Off for a look through yours now x