October 01, 2010


So, October. Time to get digging.

This is the investment for Spring joy and loveliness in the garden.

This year I have had Finn, our seven year old, offering to help me out.  I think it was the thought of mud and digging. With his own trowel and everything.

So we laid out the selection of fabulous bulbs in the sunshine (the only sunshine in about a week), and decided what would go where. I remembered at the last moment that tulips are better planted in November, so we put those back in the box. We were left with ranunculus, white, orange and deep red - never grown them before and I hope they survive, all sorts of lovely alliums, (everest, sphaerocephalon, ostrowskianum, caeruleum), and a big selection of white narcissi including Silver Chimes, Thalia, Geranium and my favourite, Pheasant's eye. I can see the white daffs in my mind, next Spring, in pale drifts in the sunshine and in big white jugs indoors. Bliss.

Then we started digging, people. There weren't that many bags of bulbs, but it took most of the afternoon.

I was reminded of something that Max, our second child, said at about the same age as Finn now, when he was planting something in his little patch of flowerbed - he was up to his elbows in soil, planting what would be a small shrub and said, "Mum, what I love about this is I am making something I can't see yet." Sort of says it all doesn't it? So much of what us garden-lovers get out of the process of gardening is creating something with nature that we are not totally in control of, that can transform beyond our hopes or disappoint miserably. Truly, the fun is partly in the anticipation. When it works, the uncertainty between planting and flowering heightens the thrill of success. From the mouth of babes!

Anyway, muddy hands (for my helper, muddy clothes, shoes, hair etc), sore back for me, renewed fascination of worms for Finn, and a whole lot of promise for Spring.


  1. Having moved so many times, what I used to find the most thrilling of all was having a new garden. We always seemed to move in autumn or more often Winter (November seemed to be popular for some reason out of our control usually!) and there was the excitement of wondering what would appear in the garden, from a tiny area which is the size of our current kitchen, to a vast flat area surrounded by wire fencing and most unprepossessing (not much better when spring and summer came round let me tell you!) to the quarter acre plot we now stand in. This was probably the best, as the previous owners had been avid organic gardeners at the start of the movement, and we had all sorts of delights come up... many things we had never grown ourselves, like asparagus.
    I love the idea of your white daffs... and look forward to the photos!

  2. Your blooms are going to be absolutely lovely, can't wait to see!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. It sounds like you had a great afternoon planting bulbs with your son. I did more or less the same today. Looking forward to see it all in bloom in spring!

    Happy weekend!


  4. Dear Belinda, First, thank you so much for leaving a comment, to which I have replied, on my weblog and through which I have discovered the wonderfully refreshing 'Wild Acre' and to which I am adding myself as a 'Follower'.

    Secondly, who could resist your lovely, and so striking, header picture? It really is beautiful.

    Lastly, your selection of spring bulbs is so exciting and I am sure that you had great pleasure in planting them - even allowing for the time it took. Yes, I would agree that generally tulips are best planted later on - November, in my experience, is an ideal time. I shall much look forward to future postings.

  5. Maggie, your latest garden Spring discoveries sound wonderful - asparagus is a rusult!

    Hi Anne, thanks so much for visiting and kind comments!x

    Planting bulbs is a lovely Autumn ritual, Madelief - fingers crossed til March!

    Edith (if I may call you that), thank you so much for visiting my blog, even more for following and kind comments. I am very pleased you like the header picture, it is a photo of some blooms from the collection of dark Dahlias I have been growing this year.

  6. Bring the whole family and bags of bulbs and come to visit. I'll feed you all and fetch endless cups of tea and G&Ts if you plant the bulbs.

    Always mean to, never do. It will probably be the same this year.

    Ah, well I'll have yours.

    xo Jane

  7. I too love your header photo, the 'black' dahlias are my favourite. I am jealous that you could spend the day bulb planting, I am still waiting for my order to arrive in the post. Meanwhile, they are all on sale at the big box stores!

  8. Jane, we'll come over and I'll trade you bulb planting for BBQ tuition! But, until that day, pleeeeese plant a few bulbs, at least the alliums, it will make you so happy!xxx

    Deborah, thanks so much for visiting - enjoy your bulb planting when they arrive! x

  9. Oh, what beautiful flowers, and Finn is one of the most beautiful names!!!!
    Have a great week,

  10. belinda,

    are you going to post on your 33 items? i put mine together yesterday and found out i only have 42 items of winter clothing. and that's because there are duplicates in there. so it's not going to be much of a challenge for me. just business as ususal.

    bulb planting is so soothing to me. it is the anticipation of a far off event i think. love your son's names.

  11. I have chosen my outfits and was thinking of posting about it, but I heard about it from you,so do want to go first?? If your not bothered when I post, I might try and do it over the weekend.

    For me it a major overhaul of years of hoarding mainly rather basic clothes plus a few cooler pieces! I am loving the sparcely filled wardrobe and drawers that will close! I think it may spread to the make-up bag, kitchen, toy cupboard - yay!

    Glad you like the names, the other two are Sam and Izzy (Isabel Rose for posh!). xx

  12. Yvonne, thank you so much!xx

  13. hi belinda,

    no worries, just go ahead and post it. like i said mine isn't much of a challenge so i'm prob not going to even mention it. but i'm looking forward to see what you come up with.
    warning, if you have not done it yet, fashion photography is much harder than you think.

    good luck