October 27, 2010

October Frost and Sun: part 2

October Sun

slow to burn through early mists,

But once ascended, 
 unleashes waves of silent, golden benediction

upon the dying colours of the year, 
and at a stroke the touched
transmute to metallic wisps of gold, 

and burnished, firey, elemental hues, 
unafraid of death around the corner of the day.

And as these elongated fingers of the sun race over fields

and hover for a time on nature's upturned faces,

Winter is held back awhile, 
undone by solar pyrotechnics.

And this reckless alchemy, 
which turns the muddy earth below my boots 
to oily silver lakes -

it stops me in my tracks.
 I feel, I can almost taste the scientific truth that
all creation is reflection
and we, in turn, reflect the objects of our gaze.


  1. I love the way the second photo looks like stripes. Maybe this will inspire me to go out and remember to carry a camera with me - sometime soon.

  2. Hi Belinda,

    A beautiful poem & countryside. Lucky you to live there!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  3. Beautiful pictures....love the way you captured the shadows across the fields and the muddy path does indeed have an "oily" quality to it!
    Julie x

  4. Julie, after accidentally losing your lovely comment in my iphone hamfistedness, I managed to cut and paste it under anonymous although that's not how you sent it. Oh dear, I wish I was more able IT wise! Thanks so much for the kind words though!xx

    Hi Madelief, I do love where I live!xx

    Webb, can we see the pics you take? I'd LOVE to see photos of Virginia. In my minds-eye I see Walton Mountain!!xx

  5. your photos are so beautiful and where you live makes me breathless.

    to answer your comment honestly...i was born organized and then was raised in a strict catholic home so i come by it biologically/naturally i guess. BUT i will say that having 3 sons sure threw a wrench into that make-up. i had to learn to give although i doubt any of them would say i did.
    looking back i feel like i had to keep up or else things would get out of hand so quickly, laundry, dishes, etc. and i knew there was not going to be any kind of fairy godmother waving a wand to fix it. i prob should have not been so concerned with things like this but i was and that's just the way it was. does this help at all? my advice would be to not worry about it as much as i did.

  6. My favourite is the last photo - I love the way it catches the light reflectedinthe path sobeautifully.

    Belinda, is that your prose? It really is outstanding.

  7. Hi Sarah, thanks for the sweet comment. It is my prose, but I haven't tried writing anything this poetic since primary school!! I felt very self-conscious posting it, but in the end thought, well sod it, why not?! Blogging has made me more open to trying new things I think, permission to play maybe??

  8. Janet, thanks for getting back to me on this. I am in that phase of life when my kids and my house both need a lot of my time (oh, and poor husband gets a look in now and again!). I know i won't rue less time spent cleaning cupboards rather than time with my family but there is a balance, isn't there, and I'm just trying to find it! And actually a really organised home ends up being a time-saver on many occasions. It is that Martha/Mary dilemma,( which being of devout Catholic stock I know you will understand!). BTW, my daughter's vegetarianism is working out well and she is making friends with lentils and pulses and dried apricots for iron!xx

  9. Gorgeous!
    Did you write this? So lovely. :-)

    I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

  10. I did write it, first attempt since childhood! Thanks for your encouraging words. Happy Sunday to you too!xx