November 10, 2010

Project 333

Back at the beginning of October I thought it would be a fine thing to join in Project 333, a de-cluttering project set up by bemorewithless, a rather wonderful and informative 'minimalist-lifestyle' website. Backing up a bit, it is no suprise I found out about it via thegardenerscottage blog, a blog I have come to seriously cherish for the way it inspires me to think about the way I live, and make me laugh in equal measure, an unusual and lovely combination.

My wardrobe really, truly needed big help - stuffed as it was full to bursting with mainly fairly old and uninspiring clothes - the result of the inability to resist a bargain or clear out to the thrift shops on a regular basis. Lots of white t-shirts gone slightly grey, bobbley jumpers and cheapish denim, really only fit for gardening and dogwalks.  There were a few pretty dresses and drapey jersey items in the mix, but really it was time to  rethink and rationalise. Deep breath.

So the Project 333 rules: From October to January, wardrobe to include 33 items total including all accessories but not including underwear, sleepwear and sportswear. Yikes! I went on a little shopping trip when I took stock of the dire state of my winter clothes, sorted the rest, filled bags for the loft and charity shop and was left with,

2 pairs blue jeans, one skinny, one bootleg
1 pair black smarter jeans
1 just above the knee denim skirt
smart black, puffy skirt
long, flowing taupe skirt
2 smart black tops
smart taupe silk shirt
bronze belt
purple jumper
long beige cardi
2 longsleeved, drapey-necked tops in grey and taupe
2 longsleeved white t-shirts
asymmetric black knit waistcoat
3/4 length black trousers
2 casual boots -black and brown pairs
Smart black high heeled suede boots
black leather jacket
fake fur gilet
smart teal coat
white jersey scarf
stripey teal scarf
teal wool hat
teal gloves
2 necklaces
2pairs earrings
one grey crystal bracelet

It was so hard taking decent photos of the clothes, and the photographic evidence of me wearing them was simply alarming since my waist seems to have taken a far-away holiday! Anyhow, here are a few of the items to give you a vague idea of what I chose to keep. Not too many, I don't want you to actually expire from boredom, dear reader!!

The result? A deliciously half empty, spacious wardrobe, drawers that slide open without heaving and squishing the clothes therein, and a for the first time ever, a sense of being rather grown-up and well-ordered and well, practically Parisian! The novelty is huge, the speed at which I get dressed in the morning like lightening and the huge surprise is the pleasure to be had from having a carefully planned group of clothes that all actually go together!

I must make a confession though, I cannot find it in my heart to deny myself so entirely on the jewellery front, partly I need to try out the pieces I make, and also because, you know, a girl has got to have fun! I don't want this to get dreary, it is november after all, and jewellery perks up an outfit, so there!

However, I am liking this so much, I have my sights set on the shameful shelves of cosmetics/skincare etc, handbag (eeek!) and kitchen cupboards...bring it on!


  1. i'm so inspired to do a post on this now. i have not even worn all the clothes on my list of 33 yet. it is amazing that i really do wear the same 'uniform' i guess, over and over and no one has noticed. either i'm hanging out w/blind people or no one cares, prob a little of both!


  2. Oh my goodness, Belinda. I don't know where I'd even start to narrow it down to 33 items. Even the thought of it fills me with panic!!

    I'm off to check this Project out for myself.


  3. I am loving this concept Belinda and even moreso your wardrobe. The last shot is to die the boots and am very curious about the black skirt. I have one from Moloh that looks very similar.

    Thanks for your comment on my post. I left a few suggestions for you.

    Jeanne :))

  4. I applaud your devotion to this project.
    I also love the ribbed sweater....and seeing the image of you I think that you would look absolutely divine wearing these are so pretty!

  5. Hi, I´m back again. You are Belinda S? Oh, you are so wonderfully skinny. Please take all the advantage of it!!!
    Interesting to see how the plan is proceeding. I could not take part in it, as I don´t have that many clothes, not wintery ones for sure. Good luck! m

  6. Belinda, if your waist has taken a far away holiday, mine must have gone into outer space..... you look fab!
    I like the idea of de-cluttering my wardrobe and becoming "practically Parisian" do have a great way with words..
    Julie x

  7. Gosh I wish I could be more diligent with my wardrobe. Mine is more like the 333 outfits rather then the 33 only - I really do need to have a sort out.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina xxx

  8. I have never had that many clothes in my wardrobe! Not into clothes or fashion, I rarely buy clothes... an example would be the fact that I am wearing a linen skirt from Orvis, which I have had five years. I have a Laura Ashley one, which is as good as the day I bought it.... in 1986!!!!! I would rather pay more for a few items, like a hundred quid for a pure cashmere coat which I have now had fifteen years and again, with care, looks as good as new. I don't possess bobbly woollies or grubby tees either! And never wear denim. What a bore I sound....!

  9. Janet - thanks for flagging this to me, it has been such an eye-opener!

    Sarah - I felt the panic too, but it feels soooo good now!

    Jeanne, thanks for the kind comments and Paris tips, the skirt is a French make that a friend over here direct sells, Captain tortue, wierd name but great clothes!

    Hostess, you have made my day!

    Metscan, you are so kind! You see I am just trying to be more like you and Janet, with your focussed wardrobes and amazing style ( and have a way to go yet!).

    Julie - thanks so much, and do go for the de-clutter, it is so refreshing!

    Maggie, you are so right, and I have just been so slow to pick up on the fact that less but better for longer is superior! I get there in the end.

    Nina, if you love them all that's fine, my heap were just in such a sorry state!

  10. Found your blog after reading Janet's post/the Gardener's Cottage. I guess you both now know what I'm doing this weekend. This is very inspiring and I love your lists...sort of like my cheat sheet. I love clothes and love shopping, but not just to accumulate stuff. It's really just more to see what's out there so I can use what I have...I'm pretty sure by the end of this long weekend I can be down to 33 item. Thanks!

  11. If you have a drawer filled with cosmetics, tackle that next. I have been doing this over time, and last month, I got serious. I've streamlined my beauty products -- skincare, bath products, and cosmetics. I couldn't be more pleased. I used everything I own, and all of my cosmetics flatter. I never wore much makeup, so why did I have countless lipsticks and eye shadows?

  12. Welcome Annie, hope the wardrobe cull went well and you feel super-virtuous and organised!

    Thanks for your comment, Gina, I will be sorting out my shameful bathroom cupboards, I'm on a roll now!

  13. I've seen this somewhere else too, such a great idea. I'd love to try it, I wear the same jeans pretty much every day anyway.... love that stripey scarf a LOT

  14. Oh, God, my problem is the opposite. I used to have a wardrobe of ironed outfits that swished along the bar on wooden hangers, but since I've been growing the flowers, almost everything I wear is either jeans or a grubby old T-shirt. If I took out all the items stained with ground-in dirt from the field, I doubt there'd be three things left, let alone 33! But you have inspired me to sort through what I have and either chuck or treat properly. Jan. PS Love the boots on the stairs.