November 03, 2010

Splash of Colour

For any of you that find the lack of colour as the winter sets in, a bit, well drab and dreary on the eye, check out this very jolly winter-time project at Silver Pebble, where a host of gorgeous hues will brighten your day. Lots of us are joining in the monthly array of colourful photos on the flickr group and will be individually posting some serious colour at the beginning of each month until Spring is here.  I leave you with blue skies and berries to brighten your day!


  1. And I'll take them. I'm looking out my front door at blue skies and a reddening euonymus bush.

    Not bad. And when we run out of berries and fall foilage we have friends in Australia to show us spring and summer.

    Thank God for blogging.

    xo Jane

  2. I took some autumnal photos too, and put them on my blog... to brighten my day and anyone else who cared to drop by.
    It is amazing that there is so much colour around still from flowers in the garden. To add to the marigolds, lobelia, cranesbill etc., I now have two osteospurnum plants in full bud, and beginning to open! Is this not a bit too late?

  3. I suppose it has been quite mild, just so lovely to still have so much colour! Bx

  4. Oh I spied these berries on Flickr - aren 't they beautiful? Are they briony do you think? Thanks so much again for joining in Belinda.