November 29, 2010

Suprised by joy

Walking through the cold, calm greys of dusk
Along the margins of a field,

A tiny bird flits past my cheek 
So close I clearly hear
Articulated echoes of its
Tilted, beating wings.

**I love it when nature suprises me with something unexpected, something beautiful that I just stumble upon. It is interesting how often this happens, that nature seems to repay you for simply spending a few minutes in a natural landscape, and from that comes a feeling of connection with the environment, and an upliftedness of heart and peace of mind I can't really explain. Increasingly I feel the urge to capture these moments in a photograph or poem, I don't want to lose the sense of wonder by teatime. In both these forms, especially the photography, I am a total novice. I have written always, in jobs and in private, but never poetry, so please be patient with my first faltering steps!**


  1. Dear Belinda,

    Your photo's and words are simply beautiful. When I pronounce them in my head, they sing and take me on your walk along the fields.

    I thought you quoted the words of a famous poet.......! It's really good!!! Enjoy your new week.

    Lieve groet,


  2. Hi Belinda. Lovely words and photos. I particularly like "articulated echoes" and " tilted, beating wings" and I like how your words almost fall into rhythm in the four line section. There are lots of short poems at a blog I like to visit -

  3. Thanks J, glad you like them, it was a layer-on-layer grey dusk.

    Madelief - what gorgeous and encouraging comments, thank you so much.

    Hi Annie, thanks for the thoughtful response, I have visited that site after reading your blog and think it is really interesting. And so the chain of inspiration goes it!

  4. Beautiful my beauty, words and photos.

    xo jane

  5. Beautifully put - d'accord!

    Off to order thermals on-line!!!BRRRRRRRR,

    Sarah x

  6. A beautiful, beautiful post and words - I do love nature.

    Have a wonderful day - blimey my fingers feel stiff and frozen.

    Nina xx

  7. Came over from the Metscan blog. What beautiful photos and wonderful words you put with them.

    I'm going to look though your archives to see some of your flowers and arrangements.

    Darla (in CA, USA)

  8. Jane, thanks for sweet words, and apologies for my dog's outrageous online flirting with yours, honestly, he is incorrigable around the ladies!!!

    Thanks Sarah Jane, now go get some thermals quick, I'm worried about you!

    You and me both Nina, and I think we are lucky to have that ability to enjoy nature so much - it adds so much to my life. Stay cosy - I am finding hot chocolate with a nip of whisky just the ticket these freezing nights!

    Darla, welcome to my blog and thank you so much for your lovely comments. The flowers feature more from September back. Come over again soon!

  9. Hi Belinda,

    Surprised by joy is a book by CS Lewis, isn't it? Have you read it? I believe it's very good.

    What beautiful photos you've taken. The lighting is exquisite.


  10. Hi Sarah, yes, I did rather cheekily borrow his book title, but I only remembered it after I had typed the post title because it is exactly how I felt tramping throught the grey light on my way home, when this tiny bird flew past so close to my ear I could actually hear the muscle and bones working away in its wings! Over in a second, but such a sweet moment of closeness to a wild creature, suprised me and made me joyful!

    I have found CSLewis's writing, dated now in some places, so helpful in my own journey of faith. He was a reluctant Christian who just knew God was on his case, wanting to love him into faith. I really relate to that. And you?

  11. Hi Belinda!

    I have linked to you from Catherine's blog (A Gardener in Progress) and am so pleased I did.

    I'm going to enjoy your poetry if this posting is anything to go by! Lovely, verbal imagery :)

    I'll have fun entertaining myself with looking through your archives for a short while now, before I head back to complete my daily household chores.

    Keep writing!

  12. A really warm welcome to my blog, Desiree, so glad you like what you see, and it is wonderful how this blogosphere links likeminded people on different sides of the world. And now I get to discover your blog!