November 05, 2010

The thrills of packaging

I have always had a particular weakness for gorgeous looking packaging, with skinny velvet or grosgrain ribbons, embossed lettering and bespoke stamps inspiring ridiculous levels of giddiness. Don't even get me started on the visual deliciousness of vintage wooden spools pleeese.

For more everyday but confident-looking packaging, and the style I use all the time, is brown paper and twine or raffia. It is classic but slightly vintagey looking and frankly,who cannot help but love, "brown paper packages wrapped up with string," (thank you, Maria). Colourful tags, buttons, brooches, feathers, flowers, sweets, anything you fancy can always be tucked into the string to add a little extra interest. This is the simple style I have chosen from the beginning to wrap Wild Acre flowers, usually in brown craft paper but sometimes in dark green - and I have not got bored of it yet. It is tied with a raffia to match the flowers, or for bigger bouquets, smart grosgrain ribbon. Mmmm.

But, I have new packaging on my mind at the moment. I spent yesterday morning with a friend who is a graphic designer, and together we designed the logo for Wild Acre which I will use for my business cards, stickers for jewellery boxes, header for the little website when it finally comes, and maybe the blog. She understood exactly what I wanted and I have to say I am thrilled with the results, and as soon as I have a card in my grubby little mitts, I will post a picture.

Suffice it say, I have always and forever loved the cow parsley plant, the light and airy umbels, the architectural seed heads and the starburst dance of buds that totter precariously at the tip of the stems. I knew they would make for a beautiful logo, but what I did not know was that my friend's husband is a hugely talented professional photographer who had taken a stunning photo of a cowparsley seedhead. Which he let me use! Check out his amazing work here. 

Walking the dog today I found these same seedheads, which give a taste of the logo to come.

They are sparse and simple and yet so stunning.

The cards will be ivory with a rich, deep grey for the text and chalky black for the image. The jewellery boxes will be ivory, with skinny dark grey grosgrain ribbon. Can hardly type for excitement! So thank you Anna and Noel for your help. I'm hoping you will all like them.xx


  1. Your cards sound incredible.

    I love this side of your blog: watching your business come alive.

    And I completely adore the sound of the packaging. Gogrgeous....

    I'm really looking forward to see it all come together.


  2. Your packaging sounds so classy...I love the idea of ivory boxes with skinny dark grey grosgrain ribbon....
    Can't wait to see what you have designed...
    Julie x

  3. So lovely to see bouquets of flowers tied in real paper with real raffia, and not cellophane with plasticy ribbons. They totally spoil the whole look to my mind, but presumably are much cheaper than your pretty bouquets. Personally, if you are going to the expense of sending flowers, then I think you should go the extra mile (or pound or two) for it to be packaged prettily.
    Angie Newin does some lovely linocuts of cow parsley I think. It's one of those plants people often overlook as they drive past hedgerows, but I am like you, I can see the beauty in it and look forward to seeing your business card.

  4. Sounds lovely. I'm experiencing the thrill of reading about it.

    Isn't blogging the best? You can share all these fabulous details of your life with an international group of people who are truly interested.

    xo Jane

  5. Hi Belinda,

    Your bouquets look beautiful! I wish you were my florist!! Your cards and packaging sounds beautiful. I hope you will show us in time.

    Wish you a happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  6. The bouquets are beautiful, such lovely colours.

  7. Sarah, Julie, Maggie, Jane, Madelief and Sue, thank you all for your lovely, encouraging comments, this corner of blogland I have found is full of the most generous hearted women - I will show you the finished results when I have