December 07, 2010


When you get up in the morning and it looks like this outside the window,
and the temperature is dipping below minus 7 celsius, you know what you have to do.

Pump up the cosy. Plan, implement, action cosy.

I take cosy very seriously in winter, for me it is not a twee optional extra it is fundamental to pleasure and probably 'mummy being in a good mood'!

So these are the things I do:
First up, lots of cosy extra layers. I pile extra cushions, quilts and blankets in the bedrooms, these ones in our room are soft velvet, so warm...

Extra throws and blankets, made of fur (fake, but good fake not scratchy, fire-hazard fake), or wool, are also the first line of defence against winter blues in the living room. In winter, the pleasure of cosy textures really come into play.
They look rather neat in these pictures, but believe me these throws are there to be grabbed and used, and they are, especially in the evenings. An episode of Wallander, (complete with suitably freezing, bleak landscapes), an open fire, mug of tea or hot toddy and a big blanket, this wild party animal is more than happy for the evening!!

The other thing I find helps is lots of low-level cosy lighting, warm pools of light, slightly Dickensian but in a good way!
I am not adverse to a few silly, twinkly lights to crank up the cosy,
and heartily approve of lots of candle-light and pretty chandeliers, hurricane lamps, sconces, tea-light holders and the like.
I think the need for light, and fire is wired deep in the pysche, it kept us alive in winters before central heating (and still does for many), and still it comforts, warms, feels gooood! An open fire, is the most  glorious thing in my indoor winter-time. I waited a long time for one in my adult life, and it has transformed my winters. Behold, the Jotul!
In the kitchen it is the smell of baking, good things in the oven that create the cosy feelings. Lots of homemade bread, soups, pies, crumbles and roasts, mmmmm!

Most of these things are relatively easy and cheap to achieve, others have come after waiting and saving for years, but they all play their part in creating the cosy that gets me through winter.


  1. Ooh a lovely cosy post Belinda. By the looks of all that beautiful wood you must live in a barn conversion? I agree totally with layering on the textures - there's nothing like curling up on the sofa under a soft throw with flickering candles and a real fire. That's exactly what we've been doing tonight! I'm coveting the furry throw at the back of your sofa ...

    Love Wallander and I almost, just almost, prefer the Swedish version!


  2. What a delightful post, Belinda. The contrast between the photos outdoors (so exquisitely beautiful, BTW!) and those of your snug, cosy home inside is amazing. You have a lovely home, very tastefully furnished and the yummy eats are making me hungry!

    Stay warm!

  3. oh i love the saying, pump up the cozy. it's perfect for this time of year. pardon me while i go pump up my cozy now.


  4. Your home is so beautiful and inviting! Soups would have to be one of the best things in winter, have yet to master home made bread though!

  5. I would have to clean for three days for my house to look this nice. Love all the textures. THanks for sharing.

  6. Well if that was the view from my bedroom window, I would be a very happy woman indeed.

    And your house is just as beautiful and welcoming as I expected an artist's to be.

    You know I'm all about the cosy-cos in the winter. and yesterday in my house was filled with setting up just such moments.

    someday I'm getting on a plane and coming to experience the magic firsthand.

    xo jane

  7. Love the pictures - I wish we just had frost (I love frost!) but we've not so much a blanket as a heavy lumpy old duvet of snow and although I'm cranking up the cosy as much as I can there's only so much I can manage!

  8. Lovely post and pics. I love the idea of being cosy too, even the word somehow warms! It's handmade throws, mini hot water bottles, a nest of squidgy cushions on my chair to snuggle into, warm handknit socks made of softest merino wool, warm tea and fresh scones and a good book. Home made butternut nut butter soup or pea and ham, freshly baked bread. Yesterday it was a plate of assorted sandwiches, chocolate birthday cake, savoury nibbles and a pot of tea in front of the fire watching a DVD for my birthday tea!

  9. Hi Jeanne, glad you like the texture thing too! And, I am a huge fan of the Swedish version of Wallander, prefer it to the English one.

    Desiree, you do leave such kind comments, all so appreciated!

    Janet, keep pumping that cozy!

    Hi S and T, I have got a post coming up on the yummiest,easiest bread.

    Webb, do you think I should do a post on how it looks, before I tidy up? Or would it scare you all away!

    Jane, you get on that plane my friend, you always have a place to visit here if you want it! I'm about half way to Miss P from London if you want to plan a trip!!!

    Peeriemoot, the weather up your way has been beyond belief!

    You are a Queen of Cosy! Hope you had a wonderful birthday, sounds lovely to me!

  10. I could just.......curl up and fall asleep - your home looks so cosy.

    Nina x

  11. This should be the definition of cosy - your house! It is fab. Im all on for blankets, throws and candlelight and plenty of comfort food. Shepherds pie in the oven for tonight..Sinead x

  12. Hi Belinda,

    Your home looks very cosy and warm to me! I enjoy putting extra blankets and pillows around the house as well. I bought a lovely grey felt pillow today with white reindeer embroidered on it. It looks lovely on our chairs. What I was wondering, do you life in a barn conversion. Your house looks as if it is. I like it very much! Those high ceiling in your bedroom are great.

    Enjoy your evening!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  13. Only you with your wonderful way with words could "pump up the cosy"
    Fab house Belinda.....such style!
    Julie x

  14. that looks soooo comfortable- i love the exposed wood in the bedroom! and that it doubles as a bookshelf.

  15. Nina, have you been sipping that Bailey's hot choc by any chance?!

    Thanks, Sinead, and now I want some Shepherd's Pie too!

    Yes, Madelief, it is a barn conversion, we love it!

    Julie, thank you so much, the decorating has evolved very slowly.

    Hi Bridget, a really big welcome to my blog! I just hopped over to yours, and loved what I read, your love story is like a movie - and you are quite something to take on 4 kids at 20 - good for you, girl! I got married at 20 too, and still so glad to be with him!

  16. We have had the joy of having this lovely and creative woman as a guest for one week in Norway!!!
    U are great!

    Love W