December 06, 2010

Frost, hoar, rime

Walking the dog this morning, in temperatures of -6 degrees centigrade, (-17 this morning just an hour or so north of us!), had the twin benefits of mud-free paws and boots and the most gorgeous display of proper hoar frost, spikey on the ground and granulating the surface of grasses and leaves. The watery river area behind our house, an ancient landscape of reeds and common-land, was iced to bleak perfection.

This short photographic wander starts (above) and ends in our garden, but the others are all down at the reed-beds, which in the dead of winter do have a very mysterious, primeaval look about them, like a scene from Narnia or Lord of the Rings, but utterly English and rooted in local history at the same time.

Less than half a mile from its source, the spring-fed chalk stream meanders around, soaking the land all around, and making it useless for development, which has kept it, in turn, a place suggestive of a disappearing rural way of life, half remembered histories, and undisturbed wanderings of kingfishers, herons and a host of other birds, butterflies, moths, newts, toads, voles, insects and other creatures. Long Horn cattle graze the "Cow Common" as they would have done in the Middle Ages, when this was the common-land where villagers and townspeople were allowed to graze their cattle. The reeds, sedges and rushes were all harvested for centuries until the 1920s when demand for these products dwindled away. It is now a nature reserve, and very closely resembles the ancient landscape it was in centuries gone by. This is all the more suprising since it is only a few fields away from the edge of our local market town. When nature is given an inch, she takes a mile, thankfully.

**Since this is a post of whites and greys and of hogweed and wildness, it seems a fitting moment to show you my new Wild Acre logo, finally back from the printers. I am dizzy with delight over them, and hope you like them too. I think they are exactly the Wild Acre style.

I have the same for the jewellery, just saying "hand-made jewellery by belinda norrington" on the front. The webpage should be up and running by the new year I hope! **


  1. Beautiful photos of your frosty morning walk Belinda and a lovely logo is simple, yet classy...I like it!
    Julie x

  2. And here i was silently complaining cause GG just asked me to walk the dog so she could get a shower in before she starts her 1&1/2 hour commute to school. It's too cold and windy i thought.

    If you can do it, i can do it.

    Love your new logo. It's perfect.

    What kind of coat do you wear in this weather to keep warm?

    xo Jane

  3. Fab logo, Belinda - really classy. Have you imagined it on the side of a van yet? My graphic designer did mock-ups of a big van with my logo on and I nearly wet myself from excitment! And every time I pass the big farm shop up the road I can't help but picture my sign instead of his above the door! Jan x

  4. Thanks, Julie, glad you like it! How goes the snow with you?

    Hi Jane, pleased you like the logo! On these freezing walks I pile on my huge eiderdowny black coat (that can be machine washed- v important) with furry hood (fakefurry), 2 pairs gloves, wellies with wool linings, scarf, and lashings of lipgloss to keep my lips from dessicating to shreds. Good to go. My norwegian friend says no such thing as bad weather just bad clothes for it! Still hate the rain.

    Oh Jan your comments always chime with me and make me laugh so much I am learning to swallow any hot drink before reading them for fear of a burning nose-trick!! Ok, just between us, and the entire world, my pipe dream is the logo on the side of a cream or grey landrover defender!! There, said it, totally indulgent and grandiose, but how fabulous it would be!! Dream onnnnn!

  5. Every neighborhood should have an area that's "useless for development". We are going to forget what "land" looks like. Thanks for sharing yours.

    Love the logo - clean, elegant and pretty. I see a land rover in your future.

  6. A frozen Winter wonderland - like life is on hold - just beautiful.

    Nina xx

  7. Belinda, your photographs are absolutely breathtaking and so very different from the wintery scenes we experience in Cape Town.

    I am incredulous that you actually willingly venture outdoors to walk your dog in those temperatures! We are far too spoilt in SA.

    Your descriptions are equally beautiful and you manage to convey so much information. A treat to read your writing and visit your blog. Thank you so much!

    Your new logo is super! Hope your business goes from strength to strength next season. I'll be following with interest ;)

  8. Hi Belinda,

    Did't know it was this cold in the UK! After a lot of snow during the weekend it's now +2 degrees celcius in Holland. Beautiful pictures of your walk!

    Like your logo. It's absolutely beautiful!!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  9. Love the logo, Belinda! Congratulations!!!

  10. Oh congratulations - your logo is beautiful - just stunning.

    I adored reading this post.

  11. Beautiful photos and I love your new logo.

  12. Webb, you do?...a landrover?!!

    Nina, it does feel like that when you are out in it, like a dream.

    Desiree, thanks so much for all the encouraging words!

    Madelief, it has been record-breakingly cold here, but so beautiful!

    Cheers, Jaime!

    Emma, thank you so much. Your etsy site is wonderful!

    Thank you very much for your kind words, Sue

  13. Belinda, your photos are stunning! Monochrome with just a hint of pink and yellow - such beautiful inspiration for your work.

    A rich and descriptive post which was a pleasure to read!

    Your new logo is great. Congratulations on your upcoming webpage.


  14. oh my! these photos of your frosty morning have made my heart oh so happy.

    so happy to have found you and your wonderful blog. thanks for stopping by mine.

  15. Love your new logo! And those frosty images are incredible x

  16. Still more snow and we are all heartily sick of it.... time it moved on.
    Good job I have my trusty old Land Rover Defender...this one is green but I covet my friends grey special edition...
    Julie x
    You're gonna have to get one!

  17. Love the new logo, it's beautiful. Can't wait to see the new website as well. I follow with extreme interest, as I am also in the early stages of creating my own business, growing (literally) year on year until I can do it full time - I just can't wait!
    Good luck x

  18. Belinda,

    That looks brilliant. It seems to represent your business perectly. I can't wait to see your website.

    -17? Really? Brrr.... We had -5 here in Oxfordshire one night and that was cold enough for me!!


  19. Julie, those gunmetal grey ones.......

    Katherine, that is so interesting, we may be doing very similar things, do you have a blog/website?

    Thanks, Sarah, yes my hubby was in Lincolnshire for work, and it had been -17 over night! I think it has been in the -20s in Scotland - unbelievable!

  20. B - completely gorgeous new business cards - can't wait to have some in my wallet to pass around!
    And beautiful peaceful pictures of the frost. So Christmassy.

  21. Hi Belinda,

    Glad you found my blog (website in the pipeline), thanks for your comments. Thanks for the other names I shall have a look, I am totally obsessed with other florist blogs and websites, my husband will be delighted that I have even more to look at!! x

  22. Jess, yay, you managed to work it out!!! Glad you like the logo, will give you a stash on

    Hi Katherine, it does have a slightly addictive side, has the other half uttered the words, "blog widdower" yet???