December 12, 2010

Guest post at Higgledy Garden

If you hop over to Higgledy Garden, an informative and witty blog about a chap and the realisation of his dream to grow flowers for a living, you will find my guest post about what some of us small boutique flower growers do during the winter months when we can't play with flowers. Big thanks to Ben for asking for a Wild Acre read!


  1. One of the best photographers on the web, eh?!! It's true, your photos are fantastic. This was really interesting, I'd not thought of what growers do in the winter months. Viburnum tinus all the way?!!

    I'm featuring your gorgeous wreath today.


  2. Let's review: started blogging in May, guest post in December - way to go, Belinda! Your good work shows.

  3. Thanks for your two comments on the posts. I also enjoyed the 'Guernsey' book... so many books. Mini book club? Hmm....
    By the way, agree with all the comments re your photos and so on, well done. Which sounds a bit more reserved than 'way to go' I know, but it's my age dear!

  4. Two of the best words in the English language " guest post".


    A little bummed there were no pics of your jewelry though. Can that be remedied please?

    Also would love to see your tree.

    I am a high maintenance friend, yes?

    xo Jane

  5. Congratulations on your Guest Post, Belinda!

    I've been enjoying your blog, as both your pictures and writing appeal to me and I love the carefree way you have with your charmingly arranged flowers - had already mentioned I'd be a regular customer if I lived in the UK :)

    Now, I'm also looking forward to seeing some examples of your jewellery ;)

  6. Hi Sarah, umm, yes I think Ben was having a fit of generosity there, all I can say is some pics seem to come out ok considering I have never yet had a lesson or progressed from point-and-shoot. I would so love some lessons...

    Thanks, Webb!

    Maggie, so, book club...!? We could at least share some recommendations now and again, because as you say, the choice can be overwhelming.

    Afternoon, Jane, I felt slightly shy suddenly doing a guest post, hope it was ok, Ben's blog is so funny I was worried about being a bit boring! I am also fighting my fear about showing my jewellery, it is early days and I have only exhibited once and not yet sold, so it is a leap forward for me. But, there will be a post about it before Christmas, as well as a tree pic I promise.(And BTW even if you tried to be high maintainance you so slay us all with your charm, no one would notice!!)

    Hi Desiree, thank you so much, and you would be a very valued customer!

  7. Hi Belinda,

    Your words sound interesting! It's exactly what I try to do in my allotment garden. I will have a look and see if he has some tips for me.

    Congratulations on your guest post!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  8. I look forward to Spring in your allotment, Madelief.xx

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