December 05, 2010

Shake it, baby!!

If you want to smile, laugh, tap your toes, dance and feel ridiculously JOLLY, look here at something that happened at Liverpool Street Station in London, it is fabulous and it can be found at the truly gorgeous moderncountrystyle blog, just press on the link. Thanks Sarah!

update: Jane, at one of my most favourite blogs, smallbutcharming, has alerted me to the Sound of Music version in Antwerp, which is just possibly even more life-enhancing  - so check that out via google and make your Sunday an even happier one! xxx


  1. Love these. Have you seen the sound Of Music one in Belgium? Google" flash mob dancing" and find The Do Re Mi one In Antwerp. Double dose of happiness for your day.

    xo Jane

  2. Surely that looks too synchronised to have been totally spontaneous? Don't get me wrong - I'm not suggesting it didn't look like a whole lot of fun, but how on earth did all those people just seem to know the right moves? Or am I missing some crucial piece of the puzzle?

    Please enlighten me!

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  4. Will check it out, Jane, love these dance-y ones!

    Desiree , they are planned performance pieces, but it is the unexpectedness and the enjoyment of the suprised passers-by that is so fun aswell as the fabulous dancing!

  5. That's fantastic, love it!! I'm off to check out the others - just made my day.

  6. Thank you, Belinda - and I'm going to check out the others, too! This is something we've not yet experienced in SA, so I really wasn't clear on what was actually happening. What a marvellous way to add some fun and magic to an ordinary day :) super idea, indeed!

  7. The flash mobs don't usually even know each other, apparently. They just know the same dance. They're told to come along and given basic instructions of what will happen and then have to quickly disperse when it's over.


    Thank you so much for linking back to Modern Country Style, Belinda. And now I'm off to have a look at the Sound of Music one...


  8. Thanks for the shout out Belinda! And of course. once we saw one we had to watch another and another.

    Lost some time in our day but gained some smiles.

    xo jane