December 09, 2010

Splash of Colour for December

Rudolf the all-over red reindeer, infact nicknamed affectionately by us as Comrade, is my contribution to SilverPebble's monthly 'Splash of Colour' to cheer us up during the cold depths of winter. Do pop over and see the wonderful flickr collection of photos (group activity, splash of colour winter 10/11) if you need a blast of colour and creativity.

Anyway Comrade, he is our Advent main man, the children take turns opening the numbered drawers on the 24 days of Advent, and a little sweetie awaits them in each one. Dental nightmare, but they LOVE it, even the 16 year old joins in! I rather miss the glittery nativity/Santa calendars of my childhood, with a picture behind each door, but the kids just want Comrade! Did you have Advent Calendars as children, did you love them as much as me??


  1. I did and I did and I would like one now. But I never have time for such things till after Christmas.

    Do you think there's a post Advent calender?

    xo Jane

  2. Pleased to see someone else chose something traditional as I did... mine is a tree tree.

  3. Such a cute Red reindeer advent calendar...small treats are so much fun...and there are always toothbrushes for after :)

  4. Too cute to be true! What a lovely idea, one you can use over and over by changing the pictures/ candies.
    I remember that I had a hard time not opening the next day´s surprise.

  5. What a great Advent calendar! Too bad that they are not more prevalent today. They were so much fun.

  6. As a child I remember the advent calendars of the late 1960's with their detailed pictures of snow topped buildings, trees and people completely covered in silver glitter....I sometimes had difficulty finding the little doors..... there was so much going on!
    Julie x

  7. Jane, all this pre-Christmas rush, I feel it too, it is a shame really...

    Hi Maggie, off to see your tree.

    Hostess, I agree, what are toothbrushes for, after all?!!

    Mette, I was just the same, especially to see number 24 that was always the biggest!

    Webb, they are still quite popular here, but less and less Nativity, more and more The Simpsons et al - which seems daft to me!

    Julie, I know, had exactly the same experience, trying to find the numbers and having to pick off bits of glitter to see properly - awww, memories!!!

  8. That is a super cute reindeer. My children are still at the cardboard little door stage.

    Your house and garden are gorgeous. Even in winter the photos of your garden make me want to go for wander through it.

  9. Hi 'A farmer's Wife'- welcome to my blog and thank you so much for your really lovely comments! Always a thrill to receive comments from the other side of the world and now I get to discover your blog!xx