December 18, 2010

Wild Acre - the jewellery. A sneaky peek...

Hmmm. I feel quite shy about showing the jewellery I make. So this post feels really quite hard to do.

I am a metalsmith student, and I take learning the myriad of skills required to design and make very seriously. I solder, forge, hammer and polish  and always set very high standards for myself. Each piece is a project and I hate the idea of producing mediocre work. But also, I LOVE doing this, and it is really fun at the same time as being hard to get right. A passion I suppose!

The pieces I make are always in solid precious metals. If I am going to use the earth's resources, I want the pieces to last a lifetime, so no plated metals for me. They are an investment to make and buy so the last thing I want is for them to degrade or spoil.

I am committed to sourcing the most ethically produced metal and gems I can, and this is no easy quest, because trace-ability is in its infancy in the jewellery industry. However, I go on searching, recycle all I can, and use eco-friendly packaging as much as possible. It is not a perfect green product but I am doing what I can, and hope to go on improving my environmental credentials all the time.

In the meantime, 10 percent of my profits will go to The Woodland Trust, which is a fantastic British charity, increasing and protecting woodland and forests all over the UK.

Every item is hallmarked at the London Assay Office.

So. Here are a few photos I have taken of some pieces I have made this year, not for sale at present, but to give you a taste of what I make. Gulp.

Labradorite and silver, chunky, curvaceous and the stone has this incredible reflecting inner light which I think the camera has managed to pick up. The stone also has flecks of black in the light grey, honestly it is delicious! I think it looks cool worn on the middle finger, but that is just me!

A slinky, grey pearl and smoky quartz lariat necklace, fluid, sexy ...

Solid, weighty silver, carved originally in wax, this is an organic-shaped band, full of texture and character, which can be worn as a ring or with a chain as a long pendant or on a short/double chain.

Gorgeous, facetted drops - soft matt surface, catches the light...

Each piece has a story and source of inspiration and I hope embodies the simple but striking style that I love best.

By April, I hope a small collection will be available online. I will, of course, keep you posted.


  1. Very nice :) You put your heart in this, be proud :)

  2. Beautiful Belinda...I love the organic shape silver ring and the gold and silver disc kind of jewellery!
    Thank you for the sneak preview, I had been wondering what your designs were like....
    Julie x

  3. Oh you are a clever gal...I like the quirky disc earrings...but can see that many here would suit my friends.
    Keep us in the loop...and please do not feel shy, they are wonderful.

    BTW Hogweed is rocking my world!
    My tea towels from the UK might be cousins :)
    Love the new header!

  4. Love the new photo on the blog - you new logo seed heads. The jewelry is lovely. I predict easy sales down the road.

  5. I have been to visit twice and each time I was interrupted before i could rave. pesky life.

    Your jewelry is simple and beautiful and unique.

    I am stunned. You are one quality chick.

    xo jane

  6. GULP!! I would say that you are incredibly talented - these are beautiful. Organic, tactile and I love them. Please let us know when you are going to have the collection ready for purchases. I particularly like the rings. x

  7. I love how beautiful and strong your work is - I really love the brooch and the chunky band and the ring with that amazing grey stone. I am so glad you shared these, they're clearly worked with enormous passion and gentleness and your skill is plain to see. Etsy shop?! I can imagine buying for myself, my sisters and my mum! Xxxx

  8. Most of all, I like the uniqueness of your jewelry. I have always sought for something " a bit different ", and your jewelry fills this need: )!

  9. It's lovely, Belinda - I particularly like the cardi-closer! And I love the fact that you put so much thought and care into sourcing your materials. It's important, I think, to keep in your mind that this is art and price it accordingly!

  10. A lovely blog, your photos of the hoar frost are the ones I wish I'd taken. Your jewellery is full of soul, I love 'meeting' folk with so much creative talent.

  11. Delightful pieces that honour the authenticity of what you're wanting to achieve, Belinda! Well done & great that you finally overcame your fear and trepidation to show the world what you've been up to! I love your hogweed logo and the whole concept behind what you're doing. I'm not personally a jewellery wearer (never have been), but I'm sure people who want to wear unique, individually handcrafted pieces that are made with love and caring for the environment are going to love your work!!!

  12. Scared? To show these? But, Belinda, they are really stunning. You should DEFINITELY be showing them off. I especially love the ring that showed first.


  13. Totally and utterly stunning Belinda x

  14. Belinda, how is it possible that one woman can be so talented:-))) Not only are you a fabulous florist but a silversmith too! These pieces are stunning!! I love the ring and the clasp especially. I take my hat off to you for donating some of your proceeds to the Woodland Trust, a charity close to my own heart.

    I look forward to seeing your collection on-line. Well done you!


  15. I now have my 4 kids at home and am running out of hours in the day - so, with huge apologies for not responding to each of you individually as normal, I want to give you all a huge thank you and hugs for all your words of appreciation and encouragement regarding the jewellery. I am so mightily spurred on by you all, and am really grateful for your taking the time to comment. It means a huge amount, especially in a new venture, when people get what you are trying to do/make and are kind enough to offer words of encouragement - you really are an amazing bunch of bloggy friends, thanks to each of you! Slightly welling up over here! Big big love to you. Belinda xxxx

  16. These are beautiful Belinda. I hope seeing how much everybody loves them encourages you to share more. Good luck with developing your collection.

  17. Hi Belinda, Just found your blog and want to say Wow! what gorgeous original and beautiful jewelry you make. When you are up and running with an etsy shop (or other kind) I am sure they will just run out and down to the post quick sharp!
    Very talented - but I know you know where the gift comes from. May God bless you as you trust Him each step of the way.
    Happy Christmas!

  18. Belinda,

    I just came back for another peek at that ring. I went to wipe a speck of dust from my screen - then noticed another and another...and they were sliding down my screen.....ahaaaaa! They're snowflakes!!



  19. Thanks so much Helen and a big welcome to my blog.

    Lovely to have you visit the blog, Val, and yes any talent is God-given - I believe that and (hoping this doesn't sound nuts), sort of feel His pleasure when I am creative.

    Sarah, you crack me up, girl!!!xx

  20. Dear Belinda,

    You don't have to be shy about showing your jewelry at all, it looks really beautiful! The rings on the two first pictures are my favourites. I like the roughness of them and the beautiful stone in the middle. I look forward to see your online store!

    I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Have a great time!

    Lieve groet, Madelief