January 26, 2011

Fun with ink, (relax, no skin was tattoo-ed in this post!)

I have been having fun with ink this week. I ordered a little custom stamp from The English Stamp Company . It arrived in less than twenty four hours which seems almost impossible, well done them I say, and it works so well for my purposes. The font matches the business cards and stamping seems a practical and cheap option for labelling my products.

This comes after weeks of trying to track down recycled, quality boxes and labels. I have finally made my choices, ordered my beloved grosgrain ribbon and woo hoo, I'm in packaging bliss!! Sadly my quest for dark grey grosgrain, 3mm, was long, boring and fruitless, but I am actually more than pleased with the black. See what you think,

The box paper has gorgeous little slubby bits in it. Hadda share that. These things matter!! Oh, and the jewellery will be wrapped in white tissue paper.

I'm so pleased how the stamp looks on the labels, and it will be perfect for the bouquet labels as well, tied on with string or raffia,

I realise that this is rather more exciting for me than anyone else, but it is fun to be able to share it with you too, and I don't know about you but I actually quite like being allowed a snoop around the nuts and bolts (and ribbons!), of creative start-up businesses so I hope I haven't sent you all to sleep with this one!!


  1. I can feel and share your excitement, finally someone who understands! I have been searching for labels and stickers too, often tedious with no joy at the end of hours searching but I intend to get there in the end. I think I may have found clear plastic labels for on vases (sorry not as green as your packaging)& i've been hole punching business cards to flowers and bulbs.
    Yours look fab, I love the finished look, well done. x

  2. Love the labels!!!! I could easily get very addicted to stamps -slightly embarrassing! Xx

  3. Feel free - I love a good detailed look/think/discussion about the small details! And lovely packaging is always interesting. Now I shall have to keep an eye open for dark grey grosgrain ribbon for you!

  4. Lovely! When I got my first stamp, I stamped everything - pulled out a packet of icing sugar from the back of the cupboard the other day to find I'd stamped it! Packaging is very important, so be proud. It tells the customer that you have taken care over your product and that it is special. x

  5. Hi Belinda! It all looks super! I love the colours and textural contrasts - classy, understated, stylish! Just perfect!

  6. Hi F in the F - oh you understand the frustrations and joys, so lovely when you know it isn't just youself being dithery! It IS really hard getting good quality, original looking packaging at a reasonable price, definitely a gap in the market for a design savvy entrepreneur!Seems lots of more interesting stuff in the States.

    Aliiice - hi there, always love your comments, they make me laugh and remind me I miss your blog! I KNOW it is embarrassing how cheery I get about stamps, there are such cool ones now. Listen to me, cool stamps...slap me quick!!

    Rachel - thanks and please tell me if you find that pesky ribbon!Glad I am not alone in finding the small details fascinating.

    Jan - that is hilarious, but, you know, that sugar might have gone walkies and at least it could have been returned safely!!! Stamps should not make a grown woman giddy but hey, we get our fun where we can, right?!! More seriously, you are bang on about taking care of details, I am sure it is important, I certainly notice and appreciate it when I am a customer.

    Desiree, thank you for your lovely encouragement!

  7. I ilke the stamp and the simplicity of the packaging...it's a prelude of the beauty that will be revealed upon opening...which reminds me I do not see a link here for your jewelry...have I missed something?

  8. Hi Hostess - thank you so much. I have a previous post with some pics but the web page and shop for the Jewellery are under construction and will be up and running by April latest. I will put a page on the blog explaining what I make in the meantime - thanks v much for the prompt!

  9. i am quite enamoured with this combo. it is simple but quite elegant. well done!


  10. I like it all. Your packages and bouquets will have an added touch of professional. Nothing wrong with that!

  11. That all looks like the best fun to do, and the end product looks elegant and simple.

  12. looking very stylish with simple clean lines. I like the classic combo of black and white, so maybe it was just as well you couldn't get grey!

  13. Classy packaging Belinda...love your labels....simple but very effective.
    Isn't it fun when you can stamp your own name, a friend bought me a stamp for The Cloth Shed a few Christmases ago....I spent all Christmas Day stamping bags and labels, I was so excited!
    Julie x

  14. Great! I simply love your cards!!
    I have been planning a business card for myself for years. Seeing your cards, aroused my planning once more. Thank you!!

  15. So beautiful - I wish I had an excuse to get a custom made stamp.

    Nina xxx

  16. Oh, I can completely relate to this - I just got a stamp a few weeks ago (to use for my craft and photo greeting cards) and I could not stop stamping!

    Love your tags and the small gift boxes - just fabulous!


  17. Janet - well, thank you kindly. Have a swell time in Vegas! (Had to say swell, sounds good with Vegas!!).

    Webb, I guess that is exactly what I'm trying to achieve - so thanks for that!

    Lilacs - it is ridiculously good fun!

    V.S. - you know what I am beginning to think the same thing.

    Julie - there seem quite a few closet stampers amongst us!

    Mette - thanks and go for it, I know yours will be super stylish, and maybe grey?!!

    Nina, you must find an excuse as a matter of urgency!

    Helena, thank you so much for your lovely comment, it is embarrassing how much fun stamping can be - maybe I need to get out more!!

  18. Yay! The look is beautiful! And I really like the black grosgrain. It adds a pop and ties in with the ink of your stamp nicely.

    Thanks for sharing all the details- it's fun to have someone who can put words to familiar experiences. "Long, boring, and fruitless" perfectly describes many of my own packaging quests. : ) But it pays off when you find the right thing, as you have.

  19. I love it all...every detail! The custom stamp makes it look so professional and I love the natural little boxes and tags all tied up in ribbon. You just know something great is going to be inside. The tags will look wonderful on your flowers too. I don't see a way to look at your jewelry...?

  20. My daughter makes jewelry as well. She puts them in cute little boxes like yours. I really like the stamp that you are showing. I'll have to check out your jewelry too! Wonderful!