January 07, 2011

Splash of Colour for January

In January I am pitifully grateful for the odd bright blue-sky day. The bareness of the branches throw, javelin-like,  the lone glory of the blue to the back of my colour-starved retinas. I am glad for that blue, I suck it up with a straw into my soul. More much needed colour here.


  1. Lovely! Makes you want to get going again, doesn't it? Let's hope it stays looking like that for a good while. Jan x

  2. Wish our skies had been that colour today. Just grey, black, gloom and torrential cold rain. I want blue. Like yours. Have a good weekend, Ax

  3. Hard to believe you were up to your *** in snow two weeks ago. What a pretty sky.

  4. Beautiful! I wish we had blue skies like that here Belinda. Its just grey and dun brown!

    Off to catch up with your previous post now.


  5. Lovely descriptions, Belinda :) budding poet, too, in addition to all your other talents?

    Such beautiful photographs! The second, especially, would make a great screensaver!

  6. Where is the snow? Oh, I am in envy. I´d feel so much better without the partly 1 meter snow amounts.

  7. Gorgeous photos and aren't you going to have a good Sunday weather wise in the UK ? Cold but sunny I think according to my little weather maps which show me Wiltshire and Melbourne on one page! X

  8. I wish we had those blue skies! It looks like the only colour we can have in Holland is grey! Emma's photo's certainly cheer me up!

    Happy weeekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  9. Now *you're* turning *me* into a wanty-wanty- monster (love that phrase!). I was rather enjoying the bleakness of our grey skies until you came in with your fancy-pants blue sky photo!!!!


  10. The colour of the sky in that lower picture is just stunning Belinda. Wow. We has some blue skies here today too. It was so good to see.

  11. Jan, my feeling exactly, that shot of blue is so energising.

    A, hope you got some blue sky today (Sunday)?

    Webb, all the snow vanished when we were in Norway. Nice to have the change.

    Jeanne, I think most place got some this weekend, hope you did?

    Desiree, thanks so much, I do feel poetry sort of creeping up on me, more by stealth than decision!

    Mette, all gone for now, but I'm not sure we are done for the winter yet.

    S-E, it has been glorious today, and I've been out in the garden, doing battle with the secateurs!

    Madelief, wishing some blue sky your way!

    Lilacs in May - Azure, isn't it? Bliss.

    Sarah - haha, the wanty-wanty gets us all!

    Emma - We really need some clear skies don't you think? To you, thanks for masterminding the splash of colour project, some visual mainlining of colour for us all!