February 16, 2011


It has a been a really busy start to the week at Wild Acre. I fear that I have been staring at the computer screen so much my eyes are swirling uncontrollably like Kaa, the snake in Disney's Jungle Book.

You may notice a few changes, hopefully for the better, on the blog. Finding myself haplessly crocheting htmls to eachother with alarming effects to page layouts and emotions, I finally called in the help of a particularly helpful and patient web fairy, sorry graphic designer, called Lina .

If you are even more observant, you may see there is now a tab to press (eyes down, to the right!) for the new Wild Acre webpage that Lina has been making for me. I'm quite excited about this, actually. Please go and have a look, I hope it will give you a taste of what Wild Acre does. Last year was really a trial season for the business, just seeing whether there was a market for the kind of flowers I grow and love. Since the reaction was so positive, this year, I launch it for realz, even if that is tinyrealz! The flowers and jewellery are both launching in April - the flowers are seasonal (April - October) and the jewellery will be available to buy from an online shop on Big Cartel from April onwards. There will be a shop button on the blog and webpage from April. This is a little dream coming true. Did I say I was quite excited, actually?!

For extra background goings-on, blog updates and chat, please hit the 'like' button on the new  Wild Acre Facebook page if you use Facebook or your business does - it is a lovely, quick way to touch base and I would love any feedback there if you felt you had any opinions/advice which might help this baby business take its first few steps! Please feel free to email me directly, my email has now changed to wildacredesigns@gmail.com.

So, if you have a moment, take a wander around the Wild Acre patch, it will only get prettier as Spring takes hold, and please do let me know what you think. I am super-busy with my family during half-term, so this is probably my last post for a week or so - I look forward to catching up with you when my four kids go back to school. I have to mention before I sign off, though, that your lovely encouragements have mean't a huge amount to me over the last ten months, and it is great to be developing Wild Acre in the company of so many wonderful bloggers/friends, the opinions of whom I rate enormously and the kindness of whom has blown me away. xxx


  1. I love the idea of crocheting html. It certainly makes for a more attractive proposition. Thank you for the smile.

  2. What a lovely button. I like the simplicity of the words against the single seed head. Exciting times ahead for you. Glad you are sharing it with us.

  3. Wow, your logo and flowers look fantastic, as does your jewellery! I'm pretty new to your blog, so I have some catching up to do.
    Have fun with your new venture, and I'm glad your dream is coming true!

  4. Wow, wow, wow, I can feel your excitement!!
    I have to stay it all looks fab and is making me quite envious. I love seeing other businesses grow and it spurs me on to give mine ago, just a small matter of sorting out when, with my full time job but hey I like a challenge! Good luck, you look ready to go... roll on April. Katherine x

  5. It all looks beautiful, very fresh and clean and the button is beautiful. I really love the ring too such a beautiful stone.

  6. I am now feeling quite deflated- your pages look amazing and put my wee shop to shame. However, to know that you are not too far from me to order a gorgeous and unique bouquet makes me very happy indeed. Good luck with the launch of the shops- it all looks beautiful. Ax

  7. All the changes look great - kinda sophisticated - and professional. Hope this is just the greatest of years!

  8. How fun this will be to see how a web blog takes off into a business. The new blog title is adorable the button is simple and sweet. I always love buying wildflowers at farmer's markets here in the US . Can't wait to see your jewelry. Good luck!

  9. Gorgeous bouquet, lovely ring, and that's a really nice logo. Best wishes with your business!

  10. What a sparkling and very professional looking transformation - makes mine feel very old fashioned and dull now! Can I borrow fairy Lina?

    Perfect Kaa analogy, I adore this film and music - trusssssst in me!


  11. All looks gorgeous - really love your logo. Very classy! x

  12. Love what your fairy has done with her wand! I'm off to explore your website.

  13. A in B, you are most welcome to the smiley moment!

    VS, sharing it with you all makes it much more fun!

    Dan, thanks so much, hope you enjoy the blog, look forward to looking at your blog too.

    Katherine, thanks for your kind words, I think you are amazing to do what you do as well as a fulltime job - do you get to catch some sleep ever?!

    Mac, thanks for visiting and leaving such a lovely comment.

    Louise, so glad you like it, how you describe it is exactly how I want it to be, so I'm thrilled.

    Magic Bean, you are sooo kind, and I do NOT put your shop to shame, you should see my efforts so far on my Big Cartel shop - it is so hard to make it look interesting - these holding sites like Big Cartel and Etsy are an amazing resource but it isn't easy to customise an individual look from the template - unless you are much more IT savvy than me anyway!

    Snippets of Thyme (love your blog name btw!), thanks so much, I am feeling a little nervous...

    Jennifer, your blog is fab just as it is, but if you ever need a graphic designer, which I'm rather doubting considering your amazing artistic talents, she is great.

    Lesley, thank you so much for the kind wishes.

    Jan, ok you reckon? You are way ahead of me in the flower lark so I rate your opinion greatly!

    Lilacs, please come back and give me some feedback!

  14. As I suspected Belinda, simple, classy and stylish...no wonder your eyes are swirly!
    Love your flowers, jewellery designs and your photography is excellent.
    I feel this is going to be good.....
    Julie x

  15. It all looks super, Belinda! And, may I wish you everything of the very best for the adventure upon which you're embarking, now you're really 'official!' You are exceedingly talented and so should have no problem growing your fledgling into a thriving online business. Only wish I could buy fresh flowers from you!

  16. dear Belinda, This all looks very stylish indeed. You have clearly given it all a great deal of thought and the results are impressive. Crocheting is a skill [one of many] which has completely evaded me......but as for crocheting something technological, well that is all a complete mystery. How very talented you are!

    These are indeed difficult times for anyone to be in business. But, I do believe that those with a passion for what they do and a commitment to hard work succeed. I am certain that you are one of these people and I wish you every success with your endeavours.

  17. Love the new site!
    Oh, and your logo ...I wish it were mine!!!!:)

  18. Not often, she says yawning, I think my latest post confirms that! But then you have 4 children, so you are doing pretty well too.

  19. Julie, aww thank you SO much, I hope your hunch is right...

    Desiree, thanks for your encouraging words, wish you were closer too, more for cups of tea in the garden than buying my flowers though!

    Edith, wise words, thank you for your good wishes.

    Erin, Hi, thanks for visiting and lovely comment - welcome to the blog!

    Katherine, your nighttime gardening pic had me smiling - that is commitment!

  20. Hi Belinda and thank you so much for your very kind words. I have to hare off on a ten mile training walk now ( moonwalk!) but will be back later, for a proper peruse! I adore nigella, that bunch looks heavenly!!!

    Sarah x

  21. Your flowers and design are great! I look forward to more posts

  22. Oh Belinda, I'm SO excited for you. I'm really looking forward to your business launching. Your new blog design looks fantastic and so professioanl. Go you!!


  23. You are so talented - I love your flowers and your jewellery designs - good luck with these enterprises - go Wildacre!! XX

  24. Hello!

    Just found your lovely, inspirational blog. Beautiful photographs!

    Looking forward to following from Norfolk.

  25. Stumbled onto your blog and love what you are doing!! I just set up a Big Cartel shop for my flowers this past summer and love it!

  26. S-J, good luck with the Moon Walk, how brilliant you are taking part.

    Fer, thanks for visiting, come back soon!

    Sarah, thanks my lovely blogfriend!

    Semi-Expat, thank you for all your kind encouragement, means a lot.

    Mag, so delighted I have a new Norfolk follower - my mum is from Langham near the north coast and we go up a lot in the summer. Love those big skies!

    Becky, Wow thanks for visiting, looking forward to checking out your gig!