February 05, 2011


Sometimes, when it is wild and windy outside, only this will do for breakfast - porridge with the darkest brown sugar and a swirl of milk which warms up slightly as it cools the fiercely hot porridge. Mmmmm, you either love it or hate it! Cup of breakfast tea on the side.

I need a bit of fuel because I am about to venture out into the howling wind to plant lily bulbs. Hoping they will look glorious in summer bouquets - remind me to post some photos in July!

Whatever you are doing, have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Hi Belinda,

    I hope the wind did not blow you away and you were able to plant your bulbs. It's stormy in Holland as well! At least there is no rain :-)!

    Happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  2. Perfect breakfast. Golden syrup does the job very nicely too, if you haven't got dark soft sugar.

  3. That brekkis looks delicious. GOodluck with the planting. Sinead

  4. OMG. We were going to make a fancy weekend waffle breakfast, but now all I want is hot porridge with brown sugar and milk.

    Is porridge the same thing as oatmeal??

  5. Not sure what REAL English porridge actually is, but I think oatmeal/oatbran may be pretty close. And with brown sugar - yeah! A great way to start the day - warms the cockles of your heart... whatever they are! Know the lilies will be lovely.

  6. Looks very good...I call that a stick to your ribs breakfast!
    Planting lilies in the howling wind sounds ambitious...those bouquets will be extra special!

  7. Love it! I had porridge with chopped up dates this morning, nom nom.. Hope your lillies stay beetle free and flower gloriously in the lovely warm months to come.

  8. I take it that was Oats you were tucking into? My favourite porridge, too :) But I like it cooked with dried, fruitcake mix and then sprinkled generously with cinnamon, some sugar and a generous glug of creamy milk.

    Hope you've planted all your lily bulbs successfully :)

  9. I was thinking as I poured my cereal into a bowl and opened the computer - we should do posts about what we all have for breakfast!! And there was your breakfast post as if by magic. Looks delicious and I am pleased to see that your tea is nice and strong...! I have to bring PG tips here to Oz and bribe visiting friends and relatives from UK to pack at least one box in their suitcase! Hope the lily planting went well. XX

  10. Madelief, I am still here, was not blown away!

    Rachel, mmm sounds good!

    Sinead, got them bulbs in - yay, not my favourite job, but now it is done!

    Jaime, I think porridge oats are oatmeal your side of the pond.
    Porridge is milled into flakes, over here oatmeal is pin-head shaped,
    hard meal - takes a lot longer to cook.

    Lilacs, Chopped dates - gotta try that sounds delish!

    Desiree, your porridge (and yes ours is oats), sounds v v deluxe!!

    Webb, if your oatmeal is flaked it is the same as our porridge! Will post pics of the lilies if they bloom well!

    Hostess, down low to the ground, it was't so bad!! But I did feel a committed flower-grower at that point!

    S-E, strong tea is absolutely crucial to my ability to function before 8 in the morning! There after I can go Earl Grey and girls' blouse about tea, but before 8 it is builders' brew for me!!

  11. in oor hoose we like to make porridge with oat flakes as opposed to meal - the texture is just all wrong with oatmeal!! We don't salt it but like mashed banana, sultanas, honey, jam or maple syrup and milk! What a good hearty, warming food.

  12. How enterprising of you to actually do some PLANTING today. Wasn't it awful? I didn't even walk, which is almost unheard of.

    Your breakfast is one of my favourites, but I had something even more indulgent today. Warmed up bread-and-butter pudding, made with lashings of orange marmalade.

  13. V-S, I so agree with you on this, oatmeal is just too...granular? And slightly gluey, just not right! I'm not brave enough, or quite Scottish enough to salt, despite a heathly slug of Scottish genes!

    Bee, welcome to Wild Acre, thanks for the comment - woohoo that was a delish sounding breakfast you had, perfect antidote to this endless grey weather! When you break it down though - bread,eggs, milk, sugar, marmelade and butter, pretty normal breakfast fare, just mixed with flair!