February 28, 2011

It is Monday and it Jane's Flower Party

I have just returned home in the nick of time to join in Jane's Monday flower party.  If you haven't discovered her gorgeous blog, SmallbutCharming then do not delay, and if you have and you love flowers you are in for a feast this happy Monday!

There is not much new flowering in our garden that I haven't grubbed about on the ground obsessively photographing and posting already, so instead a few pics of some blooms in the house.

I am trialling an idea I have been harbouring for selling posies from April. I'm a bit enchanted by some little Victorian/Edwardian bottles I have been scouring ebay for during the last month or so. They are mainly gorgeous aqua and green colours and have embossed lettering down the sides. My favourites so far are lemonade powder bottles, with The Eiffel Tower embossed down one side and the manufacturer in Kent on the other - seems a Paris motif helped sell lemonade, or maybe they were shipped across The Channel and sold in Paris? Who knows, but I think they make a great, slightly quirky vessels for small flowers.

They are the perfect size to have as a bedside posy, or on a small sidetable, and I think they'd make a fabulous alternative to a bunch of flowers to give to a friend.

In my house I have used them recently with the first flowers I have found popping up bravely in the garden, (or in the case of the paperwhites, forced indoors but since I can only enjoy the scent in small quantities, have split up into smaller posies).  So here are the white narcissi on my beside table,


and some tiny yellow narcissi I found waiting for me under the hazel trees in the garden when I got back from holiday.

They have been fantastic for brightening up little darker corners of the house, as well as giving away as little thankyou tokens or with a birthday card

and I have a small homewares shop and a jewellery designer interested in buying some for their premises. What do you think, are they a go-er?


  1. Beautiful photos to cheer up a wet Monday morning (well it's wet in Northumberland!) I love Hellebores, they are so pretty and look lovely in your little bottles. I am so glad I found your blog this morning :)

  2. Yes! I would say they're a go-er. Gorgeous!


  3. Gorgeous flowers and the little bottles look similar to mine but a lot more interesting! LOVE the hellebores - my favourite. XX

  4. That's your bed??!! With that beautiful wood and the bookshelves above!!??

    Oh, sorry I'm here for the flowers right?

    The bottles are totally charming. I want one, in green please.

    And the flowers are perfect in them.

    Okay,and your x,large pictures rock too.

    Enough adoration from me. Thank you for this glimpse into your beautiful world.

    xo Jane

  5. These are beautiful. The are almost out of winter.

  6. Definitely a go. The almost green color of the glass is wonderful. so warm! Welcome home. Sound like you had a great vacation.

  7. Totally a go-er!! Beautiful stems and like Jane said . your home is gorgeous!!! Sinead x

  8. I think you need to find a better source than e-bay for your bottles. Do you have an auction house near you/ junk shop or thrift shop? Our auction quite often has bottle lots and I suspect this would be a much cheaper way of buying bottles. Have you had a dig about in the gareden? 3 times in different gardens I have discovered the bottle dump of beautiful old bottles that just need a good scrub and sterilise. Just thinking of your profit margins!! I think the wole thing is a great idea - go for it!

  9. Lovely flowers and the bed is wonderful...the hellebore on your header is divine. Off now to visit small but charming...ta ta.

  10. one day i shall get around to planting some hellebores. until then, thank you for letting me admire yours.

  11. Ooohhhhh yes, most definitely I think they look perfect. N x

  12. Hi Belinda,

    I see I have missed a lot of your posts! I have been cleaning up my blog and probably deleted your blog icon by accident. When I saw your name on Jane's blog I realised I had not read any of your post for some time. I am glad I found you again!

    Your flowers look really beautiful. Especially those paperwhites. They are one my favourites!

    Happy new week!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  13. I can practically smell the narcissus. Dee-vine. Is that a hellebore banner you have?

  14. What a lovely room! Love how your flowers contrast with the rustic wood x

  15. How sweet are the small hellebores! I don´t think we have them here. But we have snow ;)!!

  16. Thanks for all the lovely comments, I guess the bottles are a go-er!

    A really big, warm welcome to some new visitors.

    Yes, Marie, it is a hellebore.

    Jane, there are better pics of how the room is decorated under the winter label if you are interested?!

    Vintage Squirrel - thanks for the advice.xx

  17. Hi, lovely to meet you too! Thanks for your comments, they were clear as clear... I'm realising that celebrating the little things is what makes the big stuff bearable! I'm a massive fan of flowers popped in jam jars so I love your bottles, x

  18. ah all so beautiful. What lovely things on your blog. Your comment made me laugh! These iphones - maybe we will evolve to having tiny pointed fingers so we can pres buttons properly! Nice to meet you anayway. Glad you like my lamps! x