February 09, 2011

Pale princesses and intrepid outdoorsy types

Later on this morning, there is a garden party on at Sarah's, have you heard? See the button to the right, that is the place to head, parasol in hand, for a knees up of the floral kind! I am bringing princesses and rugged types to the party, let me introduce you.
Inside our house are the gorgeous pale princesses, White and Grape Hyacinth, cossetted, primped, given every advantage, and looking pretty darn lovely and filling the house with their giddy scent.
Grape Hyacinth is a little past her best, truth to tell, but still looks stunning in a racketty, notmuchlongerforthisworld kind of way. Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge if you will.

Outside, it is a different story. Intrepid, rugged types are beginning to do the yearly march into Spring and nothing, in the whole floral world, gives me more pleasure. Never has rugged been so outrageously pretty! I give you, the late winter Bravehearts, Snowdrop and Hellebore.

And the most marvellous thing of all? As I was wandering about in the garden yesterday, not only was there soft sunshine on my cheeks, but also I sniffed a new and definite herbaceous tang in the air, quite certainly an earthy, grassy whiff, as well as a noticable increase in birdsong. Peeps, Spring is in the air!


  1. It was the first day I worked outside for ages - in the warm sun - think I breathed in the odour too!

  2. Your white grape hyacinths look absolutely stunning and I can only imagine their delightful fragrance and feel envious! Snowdrops are among my favourite flower types - yours are looking beautiful. Spring is clearly on its way ;)

  3. what beautiful hellebores, particularly the bottom one. The lovely flowers I discovered in our garden last week are now under a blanket of snow again. HMPHHHHHH! Bit bored of it now but glad not everyone is enduring it. Enjoy your party!

  4. I think you are the third post showing those adorable snow drop flowers. They are so precious. Go to the blog called "Rhayne" and she has a wonderful photo as well. Have a floral-scented Wednesday!

  5. I wish you could post a whiff of that spring scent. I'm trying to catch just a hint...

    All look lovely, especially the hellebore, mine are still sleeping.

    Hope your day is as sunny as ours, but not as cold.

    I'm off to work. Talk soon.

    xo Jane

  6. It's the birdsong I am noticing too, so lovely to hear the blackbird chiripping away in the mornings. Lovely photos.

  7. hi belinda,

    i love hyacinths but i am allergic to them. isn't that awful? if i put them inside within an hour of their scent filling the house i am totally stuffed up and cannot breath. so they have to stay outside on the porch. i love snowdrops too. we used to have them at our previous home. thanks for sharing!


  8. You're right - yesterday did smell like Spring! Today is a bit raw, though; more like February! But there are a few crocuses amongst the snowdrops in the park, all very encouraging. Not long now.....

  9. Jennifer, glad it wasn't just me sniffing the air yesterday! Just visited your blog and blown away by your sculpture.

    Desiree, they do smell amazing!

    Magic Bean, woo hoo!

    VS - more snow? I missed that on the weather report, enough already, hope Spring comes to you soon.

    Sarah, thank you, and I will check out that blog.

    Jane, Laters alligators (talk that is!)

    Lilacs - the birdsong is making my day.

    Janet, boo to hyacinth allergy! Thanks for the kind comment tho'.

    Rachel - you smelled it too??! Not long now is becoming my mantra!

  10. Laaa! Yay, Spring! As usual, your spot-on flower personification had me laughing out loud (and sharing with Ben, who also laughed out loud). And what beautiful photos, too. Hellebores are such rock stars. Have you encountered anyone who doesn't like them?? I've now met a few and am totally baffled.



  11. I am so jealous! There is not a whiff of spring in the air yet, altho the birds have picked up a little. And not a hellebore in sight. I think I have done something bad to them. Don't know whether to thank you for sharing yours, or to be angry with you for having so much in bloom. Kidding, of course.

  12. Gorgeous photographs. The hellebores are very pretty. We've just had more snow so any flowers that were starting to peep through are under the blanket again!

  13. Gorgeous, gorgeous,gorgeous!! Love seeing the English spring flowers Belinda...xx

  14. I almost forgot about the snowdrops...when we lived in New Canaan, CT they came up and I remember the first year we lived in the house...what a wonderful surprise. They come up so early, it surprises you every year.

  15. Beautiful pics! Very jealous though, how do you get your snowdrops to do that?!?! Mine keep teasing me and just coming up all leaf - not impressed. Currently loving the bird song here in the forest too and catching a slight aroma in the air as well x

  16. Thanks Belinda - you certainly sculpt with your jewellery - and you also do sculpture with your plants and flowers! I need some tips, would love to do something special for my Open Studio in June.

  17. Beautiful....I have been thinking of you I hope all is well. Isn't it cool to be brave even if it doesn't seem important to others! Don't forget to keep being brave!

  18. Hi lovely Belinda,

    Thank you so much for linking up. and what a LOVELY post! You're right: I was thinking yesterday as I was collecting my children from school that Spring is definitely springing! I was even singing to myself without notcing - a sure sign of Spring, if ever there was one!!

    Your hellebores are looking particularly beautiful. I love all their different colour combinations. So pretty.


  19. Beautiful! Thanks so much for your sweet message. You are wonderful.

  20. I smelled it today too! What a thrill!

    Your images are SO uplifting. Hellebores - they are such a favourite. What a gorgeous Spring-like post. Thankyou!

  21. All these, at this time of the year? I am turning green of envy.
    No signs of spring here !

  22. Jaime, loving your cracking 2011 blogging tempo - more posts, more comments, FAB!! Glad my post made you laugh!

    Webb, awww, hope the temps increase for you soon, and those pesky hellebores start strutting their stuff. We seemed to have all our really freezing weather before Christmas this year, and it seems unusually mild since then.

    S-E, English early Spring delivered to you by blogger!

    Nicole - how lovely, thank you so much, thank you for the encouragement.

    Caravanartist, not more snow??! Hope Spring arrives for you soon!

    Annie, the snowdrops come at JUST the right time, I love them for that!

    F in the F, hmmm, not sure why your snowdrops are being tricky, I have never done anything to mine. Mice? Isn't the feeling of Spring delicious?

    Jennifer, so glad to have discovered your blog. Just email me if you want any suggestions for your open day.

    Sarah, just you keep singing Spring in will ya'!

  23. Lizzie, such a pleasure!

    Emma, roll on the Spring!

    Mette, wishing you Spring soon.

  24. Belinda, thank-you so much for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. Am now enjoying yours too. This blogging business is certainly addictive.
    Four children can be hard work but it is fun!You must be so proud of your little chap taking off on his bike. It is on our list of things to accomplish this summer.

  25. What wonderful photos, and your right the smell of spring is in the air,
    happy gardening