March 16, 2011

Help required!

Dang! Everytime I try to upload one of my photos to a new post, I am getting 'server rejects' and an instruction to only use photos I have permission for. They are my photos of the garden etc, so I am baffled. Anyone had this problem with blogger/picasa?? I have less than 600 pics on picasa so I don't think I've hit a storage limit....

No pics, no blog, not sure what to do next! Any advice would be hugely appreciated. Belinda xxx

Update: thank you for your kind help and suggestions. After playing about a bit, I tried deleting some duplicates on picasa - and hey presto, I could upload photos again on Blogger. So I guess it is a storage issue, but seems strange since my quota should only be a bit over half full on Picasa. Does anyone know if posting bigger photos on blogger affects space on Picasa? Honestly, I never asked for Picasa anyway!! So I can post a few more pictures but then it looks as though I will have to buy more space, how cunning they are. If anyone has done this already, I would be most grateful for info. Thank you lovelies for your help in this most tedious matter. Who would have thought my 100th post would be so unutterably dull! 101 will make up for it, promise!

Final update: (gosh this is riveting!!) Def a storage issue and will have to cough up in the near future for more storage on Picasa.  THANKS again for your help and patience with my ineptitude in the IT dept.!


  1. Mmm. Am totally useless with anything like this. Will ask BigBean when he comes home- he is the font of all technical knowledge at BeanTowers. Hope it gets sorted soon, I love your photos. Ax

  2. Do you post through Blogger, or use Windows Live Writer? Swapping to the one you don't use might help. Or if you don't use Blogger draft, maybe that could help. I use Picasa, but never have had this problem. Hope you can get it sorted.

    Lisa x

  3. Oh no how frustrating. If there is a limit to how many photos you can store on a picasa album, presumably you can delete a heap as you will have them on your computer anyway? To be honest, I never even knew that blogger stored our photos for us in such a way. Your comment prompted me to look. Hope you can resolve the problem.

  4. No clue. I'm still looking for a better camera so I can take close-ups half as good as yours! Good luck.

  5. I could store a thousand photos on Picasa before it made me upgrade, so I doubt if it's a problem of numbers. Have you tried looking online at the help forums? Lots of people have had the same problem. I'll email you an example of one person's query and the solution that seemed to work for her.

  6. I have had the same thing try clicking on your photo twice and that worked for me.Lesley.

  7. I think there are a batch of photo problems at the moment. My blogspot stats problem with Chrome of yesterday, was sorted today. I live in hope, that the pictures will get sorted too ;~)

    Are you using the new editor, or Blogger in Draft?

  8. Thank you so much for all your suggestions, I will give them all a try!

  9. One problem may be the size of the images you are saving. I believe the number of large/original resolution images are limited. If they're resized to 800 px (i think) the limitation is lifted.

    I saw something along this line in one of Google's help forums but for the life of me can't remember which one.

    Hope you get it settled. I love your photographs