March 06, 2011

Just in case

Just in case you could possibly be under the misapprehension that it was all tasteful flowers and neutral interiors at Wild Acre:

About to leave home for friend's birthday party. Dress code: mid-life crisis. Clearly. xxx

ps. can I just say that there is a fake tattoo on my chest, nothing is showing that shouldn't be!!!


  1. Delightful.Two people visible from the Moon..... Hope you had a great time!

  2. is that a tattoo on your arm? i'm so curious about this. please show more!


  3. DAMN I miss theme parties.

    Once my Napa circle reaches critical mass I will host a vegetable one and dress as brassicaceae, with a broccoli crown, cabbage bra, and kale tutu, etc. All very tastefully done, you understand.

    In the meantime, thanks for letting me live vicariously.

  4. Heeeey!Now that's (a) party dress.

    I wear my sunglasses....

    xo Jane

  5. You look great. "is that a tattoo on your erm?
    Hope you had lots of fun Lesley.x

  6. In answer to the tatoo questions, noooo I have always bottled out of the real thing, these are just temporary.

    I have a friend who has tried to have one removed and it put me off - that and the chemicals and animal products in the inks. And what happens when my skin goes wrinkley!!

    But I would love to not care about those things and have an arm ring one like in the pic, or a little one in the small of my back. Just too chicken!!

  7. Hee hee - love it!

  8. Love your 80's clobber - such a brilliant vibe.

    Nina xxx

  9. Is Neil Young your date?
    ...dress up paties are fun I hope that you had a fabulous time!

  10. You are crackers the change of scene!
    Julie x

  11. hahaha hope you had fun at your party!

    THANKYOU for buying a lamp. I am very happy that one will be coming your way! xxxx

  12. How fun! Found you via Sarah's blog :) Enjoying your photos from the previous post too - lovely to 'meet' you! XOL

  13. Great outfits :-)!

    Happy day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  14. Fabulous darrrrrling!!

  15. Welcome to Wild Acre, Happy Homemaker UK, any friend of Sarah's is a friend of mine! Look forward to getting to know you too.

    Thanks to you all for your comments on this silliest of posts!xx

  16. Belinda,

    How can you look so gorgeous dressed like that?

    I am curious to what you thought we *might* think the tattoo was!!! Ha!!! Not curious, so much as giggly!


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