March 28, 2011

Monday Flowers

Jane's monthly flower party is rocking this happy Monday morning - what a great way to start the week!

I had to actually buy a few cut flowers at the end of last week, because my garden is not yet producing enough blooms for some arrangements I wanted to make for various events. Feels wierd, because I generally fill my bouquets with flowers I have grown, but flowers were needed so I bought some wonderful seasonal blooms - parrot tulips, white hyacinths, muscari, and mixed them with my own garden foliage, rosemary and narcissi. They all looked ready to pop with squeaky Spring freshness. The scent was knee-weakeningly delicious too.
(Incidentally, I left the daffs in a bucket of water overnight, so that their sap, toxic to other flowers, drained away enough to be safe for a mixed bouquet, and I left most of the root on the hyacinths which helps them last longer. Wild Acre flower-care tips, folks!)

Luckily for me there were a few left over for little posies for our house.

I don't know about you, but parrot tulips and narcissi in a white cream jug, and muscari in a vintage bottle...I have been enjoying them all weekend and they are still floating my boat this Monday morning!


  1. Totally rocking my boat too, can you feelthe waves form there?

    Beautiful tulips and muscari, one of my faves. Will mine ever bloom?

    Good tip on the daffs also, I was handing out this info a flower presentation last week.

    Thanks for prettying up my day.

    xo jane

  2. Just parrot tulips would do me nicely - aren't they wonderful??

  3. I love the way the colour of the sage looks with the muscari - I am going to copy that this afternoon. Beautiful flowers and wonderful inspiration - thanks!

  4. The tones in your white - green bouquets are beautiful and inspiring, tips noted!

  5. omg gorgeous belinda. and thanks for the tips.


  6. Hi Belinda,

    The white bouquet and the blue muscari in the bottle look really pretty!

    Lieve groet & happy evening!


  7. Love parrot tulips and muscari so they are floating my boat too! A very pretty combination Belinda - and so lush - I really like the addition of the rosemary.


  8. I want to go to the florist now and buy all these flowers to put in my home too, they look so beautiful.
    Have a lovely week, Abby x

  9. this is the very definition of spring. those peachy parrots have left me utterly breathless.

  10. I love tulips!! gorgeous.

  11. I loved finding your blog with beautiful flowers.

  12. I really like the muscari in the bottle. Very pretty.

  13. Oh yes my dear your blooms are floating alot of boats on this Monday. Nice blooms as always Belinda. Sinead x

  14. Just beautiful they all are but particularly the simple posy of muscari in the bottle has delighted my day....I need flowers in the house!!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment, I'm so glad you did as it meant I discovered your lovely blog too. x

  15. The rosemary against the just blushing pink muscari, for me ;~)

  16. same little bottles and same wooden letter box, how funny!
    Love love love the all white posy, can't beat whites and greens, so fresh.

  17. I am very sceptic about flowers. I prefer cut flowers, but they have to fit in my home´s atmosphere and location. This means, that I can´t picture exotic flowers in sight. The flowers have to fit with the season too. I like mine fresh, so if I am on a flower mood, it can turn out quite expensive.
    However, I do love to see interior design pictures decorated by flowers.
    Your flowers are beautiful.

  18. Jane, glad you like them!

    Rachel, I agree, parrot tulips are fabulous, I have some planted in my garden and hoping they flower well and don't get munched by pheasants!

    Karen, my pleasure!

    Webb, woo hoo for tulips!

    Janet, love that you love them!

    Madelief, thank you so much.

    Jeanne, rosemary is a real winner in a bouquet isn't it? Sadly the winter freeze looks like it may have killed some of mine.:(

    Lilacs, I have a thing for white and green bouquets, I think it's the freshness.

    Abby, treat yourself!

    Anastasia, you too, they have that effect on me!

    Sizzle and Zoom, thanks for the kind comment!

    Gill, glad you like the bottle, I am hoping they sell well for me this season.

    Sinead, cheers!

    Sarah, a big welcome to Wild Acre and I say, go get yourself some lovely flowers!;)

    Elephant's Eye, glad it caught your eye!

    Katherine, what great taste we must have, hee hee!

    Mette, you know I think you are right to be sceptic, out of season flowers, inappropriate to their setting, is not attractive to me either, but the right flowers, locally grown in season, that is what I like too, and am trying to provide in an affordable way. I guess Finland's growing season is even shorter than ours though? You always have an interesting point of view, Mette, and make me think, which is great!

  19. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful flowers!

  20. What pretty arrangements. The muscari look just right in that bottle.

  21. I LOVE the way you put flowers together. I was having a look in our garden over the weekend to see what I could find. How did you learn to choose what to put together? And to arrange them so beautifully?


  22. Katie, they are lovely, and make me wonder if I am crazy not to buy in flowers more often, rather than insist on growing them all myself.

    Caravanartist, thank you, muscari are really doing it for me this Spring.

    Sarah, aww, thanks! My mum and granny are/were both natural flower growers/arrangers, maybe it is genetic, at least I think I absorbed quite a lot of knowledge from them over the years. When I see super-talented trained florists I still feel totally insecure, believe me! Also I so think you learn by just doing, again and again, like learning to paint, you have to understand how it feels to hold and use different brushes, see and feel how different paints work...same with flowers or any medium, theory doesn't take you that far, you have to risk it, and DO!! Oops, and essay brewing here, sorry!

  23. Hu Belinda,,i see your name and i must smile...your picture are beautiful with the flowers and her soft colors..i love it,,,hugs from germany Belinda the other person with the same name:O)

  24. Delicious flowers ~ I am mad about muscari too, I put them in tiny juice bottles and old shiphams pate pots!!! They have taken over the flowerbeds at the front of our house along with self seeded helebores and I love the wildness of it!

    Your vase looks fantastic too!

    Sarah x

  25. Hello, I'm popping in for a visit, via Brenda's Welcome Wagon! I can already tell that I'm going to love your blog, because it's easy to see that you love gardening as much as I do. LOVE the hellebore in your blog header, and I'll definitely be back for another visit!
    Happy Day!

  26. I've said it before, but I'm saying it again...I wish I lived close enough to buy your flowers every week. Your arrangements and posies are so lovingly made up and are so exquisitely unpretentious and unselfconscious. Perfect harmony of style and innate beauty!

  27. Carol and Vintage-rose Cottage - the warmest welcome to my blog, thank you so much for visiting!

    Sarah-jane and Des, you are both so kind!

  28. so amazing aarrangement. The blue muscari and white bouquet in the bottle is so attractive.

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