March 21, 2011


It is that wonderfully optimistic time of year again, time to start planting seeds for summer flowers.

Over the winter, it is always lovely to peruse the seed catalogues and dream dreams of lush summer borders. Do you, like me, sit in front of a fire, glass of wine or cuppa in hand, flicking through seed catalogues, with the hungry eyes of a fashion maven reading Vogue? Sarah Raven's catalogue is shamelessly glam in its lush, glossy, 'you know you want me' marketing - mouthwatering photography and fabulous combinations on every page. Resistance is largely futile, but this year at least I made a 'wish' list and a 'don't be so ridiculous, this is what we can afford' list. I managed to stick to the latter, miraculously. Which was a good job, because a month later I discovered the Irish (Co. Mayo) seed company, Seedaholic.

What a discovery!

The online site is a pleasure to navigate which is a bit of a novelty with seed companies in my experience. The descriptions of plants is excellent and the information is really thorough. If you need any advice they email you back in a nano-second, and the whole experience is a user-friendly joy.

What I wasn't expecting was the delightfulness of the package that arrived a few days after my order.

Check this out, peeps,

Sweet little envelopes of seeds, photo on the front and as much information on accompanying sheets as you could possibly need pertinent to each different seed. (Jane, note I got poppies for you!).

Look at all this, the effort they have gone to is almost touching.

I have sown a hundred or so cosmos seeds in trays, gorgeous and unusual varieties. Sitting in a light filled landing above our hallway, they have germinated in three days. I'm well chuffed with the whole experience, can you tell?! Just wait until I have a proper greenhouse....


  1. Wowsers. I'm off to look, thanks for the top tip. Can't wait to see how your garden looks in a month or two... Ax

  2. Love the Sweetpeas intertwining with the poppies .. and yes due to your lovely post I'm now in possession of Sarah Raven's Kitchen and Garden seed catalogue, it's attached to my hip at the moment x

  3. You may have inspired me to plant more annuals this year. will check out Seedaholic, first. Thanks.

  4. You lucky lucky people across the pond! Sarah Raven catalogues, and a climate that can grow sweet peas and your lovely way with words!

    I used to be nervous around seeds, preferring to but a little scraggly plant or two,but you have made a believer out of me. So seeds it is for us this summer.

    Thank you for the poppies. I can't wait:)

    xo jane

  5. Went to Seedaholic's web site, and OMG! No question that I need to greatly increase my planned space for annuals this year. Have been avoiding that experience, but now I think I must do it. thanks.

  6. just come in for a blog browse over lunch, having spent hours clearing the veg patch, pondering plantings and hey, what a pertinent post! I clicked on the link and had a look round seedaholic and it's wonderful. What a fabulous find and thanks for sharing it with us Belinda.

  7. What a wonderful company. Will take a sneaky peek - I am trying to plan a herb garden - have now looked at the site - it's love!

    Many thanks for sharing the info.

  8. What a discovery indeed.. thank you!
    I joined our village Garden Club and the members decided that we should all grow cosmos from seed to enter into the village show later in the year. As I have no greenhouse, I will do as you have done and put trays on my sunny landing to germinate... great idea, thank you (again!) Abby x

  9. What a lovely blog you have! Love the header... and your bloom day post too.

    I am still in such indecision about which seeds to order for the year... likely I have maybe another week to decide since we are still in very early spring here in PA.

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Oh, I shall have to check them out!! I use Moles seeds ,as you can order what size you require.
    Thank`s for the kind words about my workshop.Txx

  11. What a brilliant way for selling seeds...a sheet of "what to do " accompanying the sensible.
    I bought a simple, chunky, hand beaten silver ring with a piece of sheet gold in the centre yesterday at Kendal.... reminded me of your gorgeous Wildacre jewellery...
    Julie x

  12. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Wish I had a greenhouse too but the little plastic one my mum treated me too is doing agrand job.

    What pretty cosmos' you're going for, such lovely flowers. Look forward to seeing them blooming this summer. I'll definitely go and check the webiste out.

  13. Just planning to visit seedaholic website - it sounds wonderful. Great post - lovely photographs!

  14. Thanks for the steer, your garden looks divine

  15. Glad so many of you like the look of Seedaholic!

    Special welcome to Julie of Wife, Mother, Gardener, thanks for visiting, and thanks to all of you for your kind comments. Feeling a bit under the weather today, hence keeping it brief! xxx

  16. Wowser, indeed - even though I'm a bit late catching up, I felt I had to say thanks very much for the Seedaholic link. I can feel an order for some wildflower seed coming over me to embellish my (small) meadow....

  17. I love love Flanders poppies in your first photo - do you call them that here? One of my favorite flowers :)

  18. Such an inspiring post... of course anything with color this time of year makes me happy. We are in transition here from Winter to Spring, with not much Spring emerging yet. I'm off to visit seedaholic, sounds inviting.

  19. Thanks for the link to Seedaholic Belinda. I've just been on their website - it is really lovely. I can see me ordering some of their bee-friendly seeds very soon!

    Love your artwork. No blushes necessary!!