March 02, 2011


There are some early Spring flowers in the garden, not many but enough to quicken the pulse and remain hopeful this incessant grey will pass, and warmer days will come before too long.

However, as I walk our dog along the river and across the fields behind our house, there is little in the way of green growth yet, let alone blooms.

What there is, in spades, is texture. At walking speed, the eye notices so many interesting textural nuances in the landscape, and for me these have a curious beauty of their own.

Lichen, with fantastical twisting shapes, looking almost like a seaweed or coral, that begs to be touched.

Moss, of eye-popping green, leaping out of the browns and greys of late winter, soft and velvety.

There are winter-hardened fruits, catkins and seedheads, husks with interesting textures, some rough and  others waxy and smooth, but all have interest.

The seedheads of the reeds and sedges by the river's edge are so soft and billowy, it is impossible to walk by without reaching out to touch them.

The dessicated textures of bark have their own rough charm, as if they have been formed by strange,tectonic pressures - an appeal as different as it could be from the slippery chenille-like texture of the river weed swaying under the water's surface, or of rain and reflections playing on moving water,

all so tactile and intriguing. For me, this marriage between appeal to the eye and sense of touch is greater than the sum of its parts; there is some very potent alchemy at work when sight and touch are charmed at once. I appreciate it in nature, but I am drawn to it in clothes and furnishings and architecture as well. I love slubby linens and velvet, needlecord and cashmere, soft crumbly Tudor bricks, a soft,springy English lawn under my bare feet, tidal marks on sand-flats, lichen on stone walls - it is all part of the same tactile loveliness and I think it is why I find so much satisfaction and joy working with flowers and metals and gemstones, sight and touch beguiled by beauty all at once.

If it seems odd that I find beauty in things as unremarkable as moss or weeds  I can only suppose that when the eye is hungry for beauty it is suprising where it can crop up!


  1. I love to take pictures of lichen too, it has such a delicate lace-like construction. Fabulous shots

  2. Every one of those pictures is simply beautiful, thank you.

  3. Look and you will find - whether bare and barren or the tiniest bud.

    Beautiful pictures - it feels like a cross between the old and yet the new push, push pushing ever so slowly up out there.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina xxx

  4. Your texture pictures are beautiful. So glad I've discovered your blog.

  5. The photo of the rippling water is HEAVENLY. I'd love that as a piece of art on my wall. Really and truly. I love it.

    I'm not sure what kind of camera you have but if it's a Digital slr, have you considered getting a macro lens for it? You have such a great eye for detail.

    I'm so sad, by the way, that I live too far away to be able to order flowers from you. Do you think you'll ever be sending them by post?

  6. As I sit in the flower shop, eating my yogurt and granola I am lulled into a false sense of serenity by your words and pictures.

    Beautiful Belinda.

    Now back to reality.

    xo Jane

  7. I have particularly enjoyed the last three photos...........and the walk!

  8. And as I sit here by a cozy fire alternating between real work and poking around the blogosphere, I am lulled into a productivity/procrastination pattern that's a bit heavier on the latter.

    Not that I am complaining one bit. Thank you for the loveliness.

  9. Hi Belinda, Thank you and yes not so far about 60 miles I would say, We live right on the east coast, the next seaside town on from Yarmouth.

    I've been having a good old read of your blog, lovely jewellery, look forward to seeing more x

  10. What incredible 'textures' and beautifully captured.

  11. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures for us all to enjoy x

  12. Hello.
    I've just come across your blog via Hannah Nunn's. You left a comment about my Fritillary, and I was curious about your flower growing and I'm so pleased I followed my curious nose, because your website is so lovely! Your photos have truly inspired me again, when I'd lost a little momentum this week.
    I will definitely become a frequent visitor to your site now. Nice to meet you :)
    Bella x

  13. Dear Belinda,

    Beautiful photo's!!! So you! My favourite is the one taken from the water with the plants under the surface.

    Happy evening!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  14. Lilacs, thank you and I agree, lichen is fascinating!

    Rachel, glad you like them.

    Nina, COME ON SPRING!!

    Val, welcome, I'm glad you found WIld Acre!

    The Fisherman's Cottage, I feel so encouraged when a photographer like you likes my pics - whoop whoop!!

    Sarah, will email you about macro.xx

    Jane, been eating your baked granola all week, can't get 9 pieces out of mine though, fear I may be very greedy!

    VS - glad you came along for the meader!

    Jaime, sounds so cosy!

    Deborah, hope you enjoy a peruse around my patch here.

    Jennifer - you would be the expert in texture.

    Guusje - welcome, glad you popped by.

    My Spotty Pony, absolutely my pleasure!

    Bella, so nice to meet you too, off to peruse your lovely work.

    Madelief, is it 'me'? Interesting how I am perceived - lichen geek, very true!!!

  15. Came to check out your logo!!! Yes beautiful. Hogweed so it is! I love them too.x

  16. what wonderful texture indeed!

  17. Belinda, I love the way you have captured the textures of a newly emerging spring. The moss and lichen photos are especially beautiful.

    Your new look blog is great and the header is stunning!


  18. Your photography is truly beautiful, Belinda! And you've covered some of my all-time favourite subjects in this post ;)

    It was lovely to see you'd popped by my blog, earlier! Thank you so much!

    I see you have a brand new picture - what a lovely one of YOU!!! So nice to be able to put a face to the name...I don't know why you hid yourself for so long!

    As always, I've thoroughly enjoyed your post - you write so well!

  19. Belinda, these photos are just lovely. But you know... your writing is great too. I loved reading, " I walked our dog along the river and across the fields..." The image that came into my mind...peace and joy to be outside with your canine friend.
    have a nice Sunday!

  20. Lovely, lovely, lovely - especially the lichen on bark, love those colours and the tiny curly wrinkled detail.

    "Mais Oui" - of course you can link to Perch Hill, so nice of you to ask. Are you able to go to one of her open days this year? So great to see it all in the flesh/green!

    Thank you for coming to Caerhays with me!

    Sarah x

  21. Oh, Wow! These are all exquisite. Your photography is outstanding, Belinda and, as Ann Nichols commented, your writing is beautiful, too! You are incredibly talented.