April 14, 2011

Defining your blog

Sarah, over at Modern Country Style has the habit of posing interesting questions. The most recent was, "How would you define your blog?", and bloggers are linking to her site today with their answers.

It got me thinking, what really, one year on, am I doing with my blog?! It started as a way for me to record my attempts to grow and sell flowers and learn the craft of silversmithing, but as the world of the blogosphere opened up to me, lovely friendships have been struck, writing and photography have been a real pleasure, and all manner of subjects have crept in. I go with the flow, write about what I find happening in my garden and workbench, what is inspiring me, and what I find cropping up, what life brings across my path. Having a camera more often at hand, and my mind half inclined to analyse more closely things that move me have resulted in an ever expanding remit. I often enjoy variety in blogs I read, but I think with more pressures on my time, it would be good to define more carefully what this space means to me, and plan my posts along some kind of  framework.

So Wild Acre, the blog, is this. My creative space for recording my adventure growing and selling flowers and the steep learning curve that is creating jewellery out of precious metals. 

The suprise to me, is that it has become equally important as a place for attempting to articulate the joy and inspiration that that my garden and the natural landscape bring me - somehow the act of writing words and taking pictures allows my mind to focus on those moments of creative energy and recording them is somehow nourishing. Appreciating beauty seems to produce gratitude seems to produce increased happiness - this is what I am finding and it is a life-enhancing curve I am riding for all it is worth. Other things that interest me - so far, art, food, travel, human heroism to name a few - have crept in, and I hope they are a little peppering of variety rather than a mish-mash of subjects. Strangely perhaps, the two most important things in my life, my family and my Christian beliefs take a back seat, they seem almost too private, things I will always be delighted to discuss in person but not perhaps broadcast to the internet. Aspects of both will inform my writing because they are who I am, but they are not the subject of the blog.

So there we have it, flowers, silversmithing, inspiration, creativity - the main subjects of this blog.

To give the blog a little more structure, I will, after the end of the Easter holidays, try to post a flower round-up on a Monday during the growing season, a jewellery post on a Wednesday and an inspiration round-up on a Friday - in between, well who quite knows?! It won't happen like clockwork every week, but at least I know what I am working towards! I love my conversations with you in the comments section, thank you so much for reading and sharing your views - please let me know if there is anything you would like me to add around flower/jewellery subjects. And here is the hardest thing about defining a blog - they evolve and grow and seem to resist restriction! How would you define your blog? Is it something you think about? I'd love to hear your views.  xxx


  1. I have just attempted to define mine. Much of what you said stuck a huge chord. Especially the first two paragraphs.

    Perhaps we shouldn't expect it to be just one thing, LIFE isn't after all.

    "A LIFE ENHANCING CURVE" perfect. Perhaps we should just ride the rainbow, and go with the flow.

  2. Lovely post Belinda, you are so good at putting things into words and your photography is exceptional.
    How to define my blog?...the title of The Cloth Shed with the added words..."decorative accessories and vintage finds" keeps me in that remit. I try to post about things I have found or made that link in with my business, but often feel I must be boring the pants off people with the repetition!
    Maybe I need to take the camera away from the house and into the big wide world for more variety...
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Julie x

  3. As usual a very lovely post, your words so true 'appreciating beauty makes you happy' you do articulate so well and your photographs and jewellery beautifull. x

  4. Hello lovely,

    I am so full of admiration for everything you do. Your gorgeous house, your beautiful garden, your casually-mentioned portrayals of your family life, which always sounds idyllic to me!!


  5. Beautifully said, Belinda, as usual. I especially sympathize with your observation of the nourishing effect of recording creative moments. When you work in a perishable medium like flowers it is easy to loose sight of your creative process and progress. The blog is a convenient place to share ideas and work, get feedback and inspiration, and to look back on later.

  6. hi belinda,

    i prob ask myself this question 10x a day. but in the end my blog is for me to record my life. i've learned that you cannot please everyone, so why try. i will go over and look at modern country and say hello. i love your photography and your writing so keep up the good work!


  7. There was an excellent radio programme this week that asked; ;who are you online?' I made a note of it thinking it was something I would ask but it got buried in the nect lot of paper.
    My blog was initially to publicise my book shop on Etsy, now I blog about the things that inspire me - they may be book based, as that is where my passion lies- they may not. Like you I love beautiful images. I love nosing at other peoples homes and gardens. I work from home, with 2 children and I find blogging is a bit like Virginia Woolfs 'A Room Of Ones Own' A precious time and space for me.

  8. You have a beautiful blog and I love your reasons for blogging. I think we should grow and change while still keeping our focus on what is important to us. :) Your photos and your jewelry are just gorgeous!

  9. Belinda,

    I have very little structure to my blog...I really just journal thoughts and experiences.

    It's a funny thing blogging...the posts are all over the map for me depending on my mood!

    I enjoy visiting you and am very keen to see more of your jewelry!

    Have fun,


  10. Wow. Those are beautiful earrings. Your calm in learning all of these things is inspiring to me.

  11. It was lovely to read the reasons and inspiration behind your blog, Belinda. It is a thought provoking question and one I may ask myself and mull over but only once I have got rid of the builders!

  12. Isn't it lovely how the intention you have when beginning blogging and then the reality are often different and yet in such a good way.

    I can't tell you how much I love your jewellry. Every piece I see I adore. Xxx

  13. Will that mean a new header - with this slightly different focus?

    Blogging has a little of that surprise quality - of not knowing exactly what you think or feel about something, until you hear yourself say ...

  14. Susan, you are right, in all likelihood our blogs will evolve as we do.

    Julie, we are far to busy drooling over all your beautiful finds to be bored for a nanosecond, but I'm sure you'd post really interestingly on other aspects of your life - it is hard to know whether to stay focussed and clear or diversify a bit, and I guess I have been a bit looser with my remit. No rights and wrongs, and the danger of wandering off-remit is the whole blog loses its shape and individuality a bit. Hmmm, you can see I'm still a bit conflicted on this one!

    Sarah, I am wondering if I should be a bit more...real?!! Plenty of rough edges around here I can assure you, but thanks for the kind words, and I am incredibly grateful for having lucked out so enormously with my family.

    Jaime, such.true.words! Wish I had written the last sentence myself - all really valuable assets of blogwriting as a florist.

    Janet, So true. It is a fine line sometimes, between being completely oneself and not hurting people's feelings - you manage this balance with such grace, I think I tend to wimp out too often in real life and in blogland. I just read an interesting blog from a Finnish blogger saying how the super-positive comment style of a lot of bloggers is at odds with the more sparse, perhaps honest, tenor of her culture. All interesting...

    Lilacs, (I do hope you don't mind me calling you that, it has stuck in my mind!), that is one of my favourite ever comments, truly. Woolf's 'a room of one's own' is exactly what my blog is to me, in my busy family of 6, it is just that, a private and quietly creative space.Honestly, your comment has powerfully struck a chord, and made my day!

    Hostess, and I think your way of blogging is completely valid and entertaining and in a way, more intimate.

    A in B, thanks, so glad you like the earrings, they are just a prototype I am playing with at the moment. Calm, really?!

    katie, how is the building going?

    Alice, love that you love my jewellery!

    Elephant's Eye, I am loving all these really interesting insights into blogging! I agree writing things down does really clarify things. Have changed the header, thanks for flagging that!