April 22, 2011

G/good Friday

It is a good friday. Back home. 

Eating a lunch of herbed chicken, salad of lettuce, feta, peas, mint and chive, with soft, garlicky flat breads 

and later, my mother's amazing sachertorte with strawberries and raspberries, all in the garden in glorious sunshine. Chilled Prosecco. Good times with my family.

The tulips and alliums are flowering their hearts out and the hammock is going up for the first time this year. I see a little snooze in my near future.

But it is also, of course, Good Friday. For me, Easter symbolizes the most powerful, sacred miracle of all. Whatever Easter means to you, I wish you a wonderful holiday weekend. 


  1. It looks idyllic Belinda, spending time with the family, at home, in this glorious weather - there's nothing better. Good Friday indeed.

  2. Gorgeous photos. I love the barn, and the food looks jolly good too. Norfolk has a lot to recommend it.

  3. Hope this weekend continues to be really special. Just when I was feeling bowled over by the house in Norfolk, I get a glimpse of YOUR place! Oh my word! So beautiful. And I covet your food too... I'll live vicariously through your lovely pictures. Xxx

  4. Dear Belinda,

    Your house looks great! I enjoyed scrolling through the pictures. And that hammock...I am looking for one just like that for in my garden.

    The salad sound delicious. I just wrote the ingredients down.

    Wish you and your family a Happy Easter.

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  5. Can I come live with you? I'll start packing...

  6. Ooooo, all the things I desire, eating scrumptious food in a sunny garden with family... just perfect!
    Have a lovely Easter. Abby x

  7. Oh you do live in a lovely spot...
    hope that your weekend is wonderful!


  8. Sending love and best wishes for a wonderful Easter weekend.

    Finally, the house! Just as beautiful as expected.

    Eat, drink, and rejoice!

    Hallelujah, Belinda.

    xo Jane

  9. this is your house? omg. it is gorgeous. you live in paradise. i bought prosecco today for easter. i love prosecco. that cake and strawberries looks so good.


  10. Your house is lovely and that Sachertorte looks delicious.. nothing better than eating out in the garden on a warm day with the family x

  11. You have a beautiful home. Have lovely Easter.

  12. Happy Easter Wild Acre folk. Ax

  13. Belinda, your house is gorgeous and what an incredible shaped door.
    I also admire the fact that you can climb into a hammock for a snooze....I tried it once and promptly fell straight out!
    Have a lovely Easter with your family....
    Julie x

  14. Happy Easter, my lovely blogfriends! xxx

  15. I hope you have had a good weekend - it is lovely to discover your blog - beautiful pictures!

    Pomona x

  16. Happy Easter Belinda. Looks like you have been feasting! I absolutely adore your door!
    K x

  17. I've never had homemade Sacher torte before, just in restaurants. Looks amazing!

  18. Just back from holiday and catching up - lovely pics from Norfolk. My parents live in sherringham and we love to visit Norfolk - those skies are magnificent x

  19. Looks idyllic! Have you painted that door a different colour? Jx

  20. Your home is just gorgeous. I wish I lived nearby and could avail myself of some of those fabulous flowers. I love your jewellery too such plain and simple design. I am now a follower, and am so glad that you popped in to visit me, love Linda x

  21. Pomona, welcome to Wild Acre, so glad you dropped by!

    Katie, thanks, we wish we knew the history of the door, there was an ancient, rotting one there when we arrived which we eventually had to replace with the one you see. It is a fab shape but soooo heavy!

    Girl Sprout, the thin layer of apricot jam makes it!

    Karen, I agree, those skies take some beating!

    Jan, yep we had to bow to Farrow and Ball - tried to do it on the cheap and it looked mint green, so we gave up and recoated in Castle Grey. Grr!

    Flowers on my Table, how lovely you popped by and enjoyed what you say, I'm so pleased!

  22. I have to tell you Belinda that I'm seriously coveting your door! Is it painted with a Farrow & Ball colour?

    If I had a hammock in the garden I would most definitely get no work done! Lovely pics.