April 11, 2011

In the Wild Acre flower garden

So, every Monday of the growing season, I am going to post a quick round-up of what is blooming in the garden and therefore what Wild Acre will be selling in bouquets. (Which isn't to say more varieties aren't available because I have a couple of friends who are kind enough to let me raid their stunning gardens!)

Over in our garden it is mainly whites and creams and fresh greens this week. The last of the range of fragrant narcissi are still in bud, but will mature in the vase to look like the photo below, and even blousier. The Pheasant's Eye Narcissi, white with the thinnest ring of red at the centre are gorgeous massed in a jug too.

(Spot footie goal attractively placed in background, this is a family garden first and foremost!! To the left of the flower bed, nigella seedlings have gone beserk this year, so lots of them in future bouquets!)

White tulips, the fresh looking 'Spring Green', and unsurpassable 'Mount Tacamo' - this all peony-like and decadent - are both glorious cut flowers, and I have a lovely deep purple variety as well, visible still in bud in this bouquet I did for a customer today.

Still on a white theme, the anemones, dwarf narcissi and ranunculus are looking lush for posies, available wrapped or in antique bottles or Scandanavian posy vases - all are so elegant in their pure, whipped cream loveliness.

For a pop of brighter colour there are muscari and still a few orange tulips left, which look super-zingy with bright yellow euphorbia (polychroma), but there is also rosemary, epimedium, pussy willow, euonymus and cherry and apple blossom for foliage/fillers.

The weather has been unbelievable for April in Blighty - three days of cloudless blue skies, it has been a joy to be in the garden and I'm hoping that joy somehow spills between my fingers and into my customers' bouquets!


  1. So beautiful I wish I was good with plants & flowers

  2. A lovely Monday morning treat, and post to look forward to each week, of your garden's best. I've always preferred Holly, Ivy and Ferns, but I think you're converting me - swirly soft cream theme - oohh! I'm sure I can smell them too!

  3. Lovely to see Spring flowers for sale that haven't been grown in acres of mass-produced rows!

  4. We have cloudy skies today. I'm completely happy with that considering how lovely last week was.

  5. Completely edible looking, whipped cream indeed.

    Your customers are very lucky people.

    3 antique bottles please filled with your choice of flowers.....a girl can dream can't she?

    xo Jane

  6. Hi Belinda,
    Thank you for your visit to my blog and your kind comments. I am glad you liked it. Your blog is lovely too. I have put your blog on my blog list under Floral Delights. I very much like to support small businesses owned and run by women especially here in the UK.
    All the best,
    Ingrid xx

  7. The rain is back here today so it lovely to see your sunny garden and beautiful flowers.
    I am going to show my friend your blog as she will not allow a ball near her borders...
    her poor boys are packed off to the village green to play football!
    Have a good week, Abby x

  8. I love the white anemone with a greenish center! So fresh and happy. I can tell Mondays are going to be a lot more fun from now on : ).

    I forgot to answer you card question: sounds great! I'll get on it.



  9. Sarah, thank you, The Sarah Raven books about growing and cutting flowers are a great place to learn about the subject if you want to.

    Jennifer, I am interested in your take on colour, being such an amazing artist but working in only natural stone colours, gorgeous though they are, do you crave colour sometimes? Your fave plants would maybe indicate not? Still pondering benches, sorry for being slow but we will decide between back or no back soon!!

    Rachel - yay, love your appreciation of working a small patch!!

    Jane, If I ever make it to the US I'll have vintage English bottles in my case for you!

    A in B, hasn't the sunshine been a treat?!

    Ingrid, I so appreciate that, thank you very much for your support.

    Abby, I do have to bite my lip quite a lot as footballs decapitate my alliums etc but I want them to have nice memories of mucking about in their garden I suppose! They do try!

    Jaime, I have a real soft spot for that anemone too, and it just keeps pumping out the blooms, only wish mine didn't have such short stems.

    Mette, thank you kindly!

  10. Just discovered your blog via Julia's Being Creative. What beautiful photos! I love them all. Here in Brittany we've had wonderful weather too and everything is so much earlier than last year - I was smelling wisteria this morning! My favourite flowers are tulips (white or purple), followed by hellebores: your tulip photos are gorgeous.

  11. Love your brown paper wrapping and the wild acre sticker - lovely, buy-me, sort of packaging and the flowers just gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing your photos and hearing what's in bloom every Monday.

  12. your photos are astounding, thank you for sharing.

  13. Belinda, I love your blog and your words and your photos, therefore, I would like to give you a 'Lieber Blog' award! I have just posted on my blog. Do hope you will accept?!
    Katie x

  14. Belinda..the goal was well camoflaged - I didnt see it at first! THe weather is amazing over across the pond in Ireland too. Lets hope this isnt Summer!! Your photos are amazing and your customers are very lucky. Thanks for posting Monday flowers - only got on the blog today and you made my Tuesday..Sinead x

  15. Ranunculus are just the most beautiful flowers. Your bouquets are an absolute joy to look at. I would give my EYE TEETH for one. Truly. Do you send them, or are they best when local?

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