April 20, 2011

Norfolk. The Sea.

Of course, apart from catching up with extended family, what we go to Norfolk for most of all is this.

The enormous beaches and huge skies and most of all the wide, blue sea. We paddled last weekend, in the summer we swim with the seals.

We search for shells and other treasures, mess about on the sand

and most importantly have a picnic in the dunes. No visit is complete without one.

You might recognise this beach from the final scene in Shakespeare in Love, when Gwynie strides across the sands of the New World to her future without William. Sniff.

Three of my peeps looking decidedly less tragic than she did.

There is a short walk through pinewoods to get to the sand. Blissful dappled light and smell of pine when the sun is shining. Emerging out of the woods and suddenly seeing the massive horizon of sea and sky stops me in my tracks everytime.

The marshes are wonderful too, in a muddy, briney, seagull screeching, sea-lavender scented, boat-gazing kind of way. My mum likes a picnic breakfast of coffee and bacon sarnies on the marshes and we keep a very small dinghy here to explore the creeks and islands in the summer. Elements of three generations of summertime messing about on the same stretches of water seem to combine in a way that I find rather comforting and moving somehow. We don't get to Norfolk as often as we'd like to these days, mainly because our teenagers have increasingly busy weekend commitments of their own, and also because the house is let out a certain amount to help cover its costs, so when we do go we really try to make the most of it. Picnics, boating, walks on the coast, wanders around the Priory, tea in the garden and the odd snifter in the local pubs are all crammed in for maximum pleasure!

A word to the wise though - ALWAYS keep a look out for the very fierce marsh hobgoblins that stalk unwary walkers, hiding and snarling ferociously in the gorse bushes!


  1. There's nothing like a quick snifter, following a scare with a ferocious goblin, is there?!!!

    My granny lived in Norfolk and I was always amazed by the huge expanses of sea and sky when we used to visit. You hear about it but it's hard to imagine until you see it with your own eyes. So vast.

    This sounds (and looks) like a really wonderful trip.


  2. Sarah, anything to settle the nerves, I'd say!!! These are the imput times aren't they, one lives off them for days afterwards.xx

  3. This post and your previous one reminds me of trips I have taken across the causeway to Holy Island and Lindisfarne Priory in Northumberland. The only difference is, on a beach in the North East you need wind breaks, jumpers and hot drinks.... even during the summer!
    Looks like you had a wonderful time with your family and great pictures as always. Abby x

  4. THAT is what beaches are supposed to be like - not the awful hotel-filled strips of construction that US beaches have become. I love it.

  5. What a beautiful place to be. we have had hail and a frost came about this last evening and knocked out some of our fruit blossoms, oh for the shame of losing a wonderful plum. I can't waitt o hit the beach this summer. My kids and I did it last summer alone for a whole week, my hubby had work. It was so relaxing I made them stay outside with me everynight until the sun went down reading books. They didn't like that as much as I did :)

  6. Looks familiar to me :).. but this stretch is so unspoilt... lovely and so glad the weather is especially glorious at the moment for you x

  7. really lovely, brings back happy memories of trips in summers past. glad we didnt meet any scary goblins though!

  8. Love that Norfolk beach but we get a bit frustrated by the hoardes of people who seem to want to be there at the same time as us! Have just come back from a week on the Broads, mucking about in boats, making dens and dozing in hammocks. Aren't we lucky that we live so close? OK, you've done the house, the ruins and the sea. Wonder what tomorrow's post will bring? Ax

  9. Heaven on earth Belinda.

    Every summer I go to a beach in an area called The Pines. So I too know and love the scents of ocean and pine trees mingling.

    What a beautiful slice of the world you are in.

    xo Jane

  10. Ooh a lesser spotted marsh hobgoblin! what a rare treat, like my black rabbit!

    Happy easter to you and yours - let the chocolate fest commence!

    Sarah x

    ps love love love sea thrift and dinghys, heaven!

  11. We've never been, it looks idyllic. Happy Easter in the flat lands.