April 30, 2011

Wishing them well.

(AP photo, via shineyahoo.com)

Well, what did you all think? Miss P. on her blog was asking what we liked, or didn't. Here is my list.

I adored:

That Kate looked utterly ravishing, yet demure. The dress was perfection and she was lit from within all day.

Twinkley eyes, little grins and other signs of genuine loved-upness. Thank goodness for that.

Harry. Gotta love him, he will be a Royal English Rake in later life.

The TREES. The most unexpected, magical thinking-outside-the-box, and what is more, underplanted with lily of the valley for complete spring woodland bliss. Totally inspired, suprisingly edgey and they quite brilliantly framed the the whole aisle area. They helped forget my mild disappointment about the rest of the Church flowers which took restraint dangerously close to dullness in my (admittedly inexpert) opinion. But, hurrah for the fact they were all sourced in Britain and were thoughtfully chosen for their symbolism and provenance. The bouquet was small but perfectly formed, more beautiful close up than from afar.

The fact the rain stayed away, and they came out of the Church into sunshine. Welled up at that moment.

That Aston Martin.

Brother Middleton reading like an absolute dream.

John Rutter's breathtakingly beautiful anthem for them. Choked me.

Kissing on the balcony and The Fly Past. What a great tradition that is.

Military brass bands and all those insanely ornate and immaculate ceremonial uniforms.

My hubby for making a full English breakfast for us all, and a young guest who brought cake.


That all 3 Middleton females have the most unfeasibly minute waists. More pressure to address the muffin top. Less full English breakfasts and cake maybe....but then is life so lovely.......?

Fergie's girls' stylists should be made to atone for their terrifyingly nutty sartorial advice. And was it mean not to invite aunty Fergs?

Sloanypony overkill of Kate's evening dress with fluffy cardi combo. She still looked ridiculously lovely though, can't help herself.

Amount of camera time spent on the Camerons and Elton.

That Johnny English, and particularly the coronation scene, has forever made me fear Rowan Atkinson and John Malkovich creating slapstick at a State occassion!


It is a funny thing, that for a country that generally has an air of vague embarrassment about patriotism, that can never quite be sure these days what it really stands for, or aspires to, that is painfully aware of how it is rubbish at so much of what historically made it great, we actually do the huge, pageant-filled, ceremonial events like no other nation on earth, we really are bloody good at it! And it does seem to bring the nation together, even if only for a day of street parties and celebration.

More importantly, all the best in the world to the gorgeous Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!


  1. Like you, I loved the trees and the bouquet but that greenery going on abover the altar was very disappointing. I thought it looked a bit slapdash to be honest with you. Which I realise reflects the whole natural English country garden thing but it could have been much better. {It hardly matters does it? but I did notice}

  2. I really agree with the above the altar stuff - I thought it just looked shapeless rather than natural. Just shows what a fine line these mega-florists tread with their designs. Thing is it could have been natural/minimalist and stunning without being extravagant or OTT looking.

  3. Hi Belinda,
    Great post! I do agree with you on almost all your points!! The one about the size of the Middleton's waists made me laugh! Loved the trees too. Glad all went so perfect.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Ingrid xx

  4. Lovely post, I really enjoyed all your comments. I loved the wedding and Kate's lovliness and I especially loved the trees, I thought that was pure genius., it just softened the whole view.I also thought that in comparison to Diana's wedding the whole thing was so much more relaxed, a sign of the times I suppose.Enjoy your weekend, love Linda x

  5. Watched entire wedding with gorgeous neighbour friend and we are both in lurve with Harry. Just can't help ourselves.
    What sad forty-somethings we are.

    We are bloody brilliant at pomp, pageantry, marching and red carpets. Just hope that this amazing exhibition of organisation and circumstance brings in the punters in force next year. We deserve it.

    And Duke and Duchess, if you read this, please make your trip to Cambridge very soon, there are seven small(ish) children who really want to meet you. And William, bring your bro for us... Ax

  6. I agree with you too. Kate glowed all day and looked totally relaxed and natural in her new role!
    Loved the Aston Martin and even better that William drove them - brilliant.
    The waists are ridiculous but hey they all looked amazing anyway, and as for the Fergie girls, well there aren't words really...

  7. good summary here, i agree with your highs and lows wholeheartedly. i only found out about the aston bit today when i saw a picture, not sure how i missed that but i thought it was brilliant.

  8. Such a happy day for everyone on "that" side of the pond and so much fun to join vicariously on this side! Wish they had used some of your flowers, tho.

  9. I agree with all of the above, especially the trees and altar flowers. I had a lump in my throat for most of the service but Jerusalem made me reach for a tissue.
    I thought that the verger who decided to cartwheel down the aisle after the congregation had departed was a wonderful way to celebrate. x

  10. Well, you know I love the bouquet. And I was happy to see the viburnum and lovely solomons seal in the altar pieces. I just wish they looked less altar piecey and more enchanted forest.

    And I do love going round and round and taking it all to bits on everyone's blogs.

    xo jane

  11. Great post Belinda I thought it was wonderful and get the feeling they both had a lot to do with the wedding planning, the abbey was just magical... and yes don't mean to be cruel but my hubby thought that Fergie's girls looked like the ugly sisters from cinderella :/ x

  12. I thoroughly enjoyed your views so eloquently expressed in this post! You summed things up beautifully :)

  13. Yes, I too agree that the trees were magical but the rest of the flowers a tad too understated, especially the buttonholes. The only thing I disagree on is the maid of honour. I thought she was WAY too skeletal for that dress. Ugh - get some cake down ya, love! x