May 09, 2011

May flowers

I have got many more plants in flower this May than last, thanks to the high temperatures and sunshine.

This is how the bouquets have been looking.

the last of the tulips in a bouquet for a customer's work colleague

to a lucky and loved mummy
destined for another mum! Loving Dicentra at the moment...

For a dinner party hostess. Made for a friend of mine to be given to another mutual friend - love those ones best!

The alliums 'purple sensation' are going over now but it won't be long until there are other varieties to take their place, plus a whole host of other annuals and perennials including peonies, dicentra, ammi, poppy seedheads, cornflowers, scabious, ornamental grasses, lavender and dianthus to name a few. Whoop whoop!!


  1. Beautiful bouquets Belinda...wish I lived nearer to Wild Acre!
    Julie x
    Love dicentra looks like little heart bunting...

  2. How lovely to receive an arrangement that requires nothing more than being placed in a suitable spot to be admired.... just beautiful.
    Abby x

  3. I hadn't thought of cutting dicentra. Very lovely, all of them, especially that first bouquet - I would love that one!

  4. Your bouquets are so incredibly inspiring to me, Belinda. I LOVE what you do with the kinds of plants I have in *my* garden. You seem able to take any kind of flower and weave your floristry-magic and they come out looking utterly beautiful. Quite unlike anything you'd buy in a shop. LOVE it!


  5. Gorgeous bouquets, just wonderful and so fresh, you are very talented, Love H XX

  6. I bet before you blogged you thought and hoped your bouquets were beautiful.

    Now you have validation from around the world that both your home grown flowers and style of arranging them are fresh and beautiful.

    Blogging is a very good thing.

    xo jane

  7. Pretty, pretty! Is that a mercury glass vase? My white bleeding hearts are a bumper crop this year..about the only plant flowering so far with the exception of trees. But your post reminded me to cut some for the shop this morning!

  8. Beautiful, personal arrangements. You have a dream job. Designing flower bouquets and jewelry!!

  9. Beautiful! I love the aliums, and I hadn't thought about cutting dicentra.

  10. Absolutely gorgeous flowers and arrangements Belinda!! The last vase is beautiful, mercury glass? Very lucky friends! :)

  11. Belinda,

    your floral creations are delightful
    you've got that artistic eye for colour and form...

  12. Be still my heart - purple and white! So fresh and lovely. Happy recipients all!

  13. Dicentra, peonies, alliums, poppy "patty's plum" all lloking glorious too and roses already crazy?
    Thanks for the good wishes Belinda you're a sweetie,

    Sarah xXx

  14. Beautiful combinations, so many ideas. Love the tulips - lush dark loveliness.

  15. Hello! Just catching up on the last month. Love the flowers and the very pretty silvered vases you have chosen to use - tres sophisticated!!
    Katie x