May 04, 2011

Maypoles and Morris men

May being welcomed in, in a village a walk across the fields from where we live.

I love this country and its often entirely bonkers traditions. Bonkers but rooted, in the mists of time, in rather solemn and important ideas.

We arrived too late for the Maypole dancing. Our youngest announced in a very loud voice, "Oh no we missed the pole-dancing"!! Hubby choked on his ale at the idea of alfresco pole dancing at a rather breezy village May fair.

The walk home, over a field full of buttercups, with the Church to one side and some lovely old barns to the other, made me think of weddings again, what a lovely setting it would be.


  1. It looks like is was loads of fun..Your photo of the church and cows is priceless!!

  2. That looks like such a great tradition.

    I thought of you in the garden, Belinda. I was counting our alliums. We have more than I thought, you know. I felt very proud of myself!!! They were almost, but not quite, snaking through the other plants. Just a few more needed, I think!


  3. Out of the mouths of babes... that comment was a gem!
    I posted a photo on my blog yesterday of my son maypole dancing when he was at our village school. It is a wonderful tradition and so nice to see it still continues in other villages around the country.
    Wonderful pictures as always. Abby x

  4. You brought back some memories with this post...we used to have them at school and I was one of the maypole dancers.. it was always me who went the wrong way and messed up the ribbons x

  5. Oh yes what a gorgeous church to be married in. I love Morris dancers, they are a bit bonkers in a comfortable sort of way. You live in a lovely part of the world. Love Linda x

  6. Sherri, it was fun, in an eccentric sort of way!

    Sarah, yay for swathes of alliums!

    Abby, it was a classic comment. I agree it is comforting that old traditions continue like this.

    Deb - oh dear, not the happiest of memories, sorry!

    Linda, it is so beautiful round here, and yet this county is not considered one of England's beauties at all.

  7. Beautiful and so English - am quite homesick at this time of year ! XXX

  8. It all looks so quaintly rural and rustic and from a time gone delightful to be able to experience all of this in the 21st century!

  9. The hats could go straight to our Kentucky Derby or maybe to Royal Ascot!!

  10. Sending only " a bit " jealous hello to you, as the pictures are so summery.
    Great that old traditions are respected : )!

  11. We do not do this in Virginia.


    Beautiful pictures, I need to visit or move.

    xo jane

  12. Lovely church. Your country is rich in tradition and it shows in every perfect photo you take.

  13. Wonderful!! So English, so May !!
    Love Helen x

  14. What a wonderful sight to be greeted with in the morning - those buttercups are dazzling.

  15. S-E, yep, May must be a hard time to be away. Will you visit this summer? Sorry for your homesickness.

    Dee, it is a time-warp!

    Webb, would the beards be allowed?!!

    How is spring coming along with you, must be nice to go riding in the warmer temps?

    Jane, such bizarre traditions we have here!

    S and Z, thank you! It is a lovely church in a super location.

    Helen, exactly!

    Lilacs, it must be (not our barn though, we live outside the village a few fields away).

  16. Thanks for the visit, much appreciated. Enjoy your weekend, love Linda x

  17. Oh my goodness, my fantasy trip to England has just been rescheduled for the first week of May. I think I'll just schedule a re-occuring reminder to purchase tickets each January on google calendar . . .