May 17, 2011

Silver Halo

Well,  I have been so encouraged by the positive feedback I have had about my new online jewellery shop.

The thing is that it is always nigh on impossible to predict whether something that you have created and which speaks to you, will resonate with anyone else, and if it doesn't you have put your creativity out there and it falls flat if there is no response - it is a risk all artists take, and it is a bit unnerving. So, to find that things you have made do strike a chord with others is exciting and confidence building. Heartfelt thanks to all who have commented for your kind words of encouragement. One of the many strengths of the blog world is the potential for new independent creative businesses to find their feet in a supportive arena. Infact the positive momentum generated by blogging support reaches into many and varied areas of life, don't you think? It is my biggest and loveliest revelation about blogging - the level of support bloggers give to one another, and the friendships struck in the process. It is extraordinary.

So as I sit at my workbench, your words buoy me up and give me energy.

This piece, Silver Halo, I was sort of thinking I might keep for myself, I love the soft undulations in the surface of the ring, but I reminded myself it was not made for me, so it has gone up in the shop today! It can be worn with the chain doubled as below, which looks fantastic, or single as a long length necklace. The ring can be worn as a ring if you have large hands,  it would work as a thumb ring for me. I love multi-tasking pieces! It isn't a girly piece, I think it is strong and striking in its confident simplicity.

Sharing this at the Friday Party at Stuff and Nonsense this week.


  1. Thank YOU Belinda! Your brooch is unique, beautifully made and has been much admired. Silver Halo is another striking piece (so very tempted!). You took a brave step to launch a collection online, and I am delighted for you that it has been so well received, although not at all surprised.
    I echo your thoughts about blogging, it reminds me of my childhood when I wrote to penpals abroad. Great friendships made without ever meeting.... amazing! Abby x

  2. How very true your words about support and advice from the blogging communtity are and how very beautiful your works in silver are too!
    Katie x

  3. So agree with your words about blogging, it's such a lovely way to connect. Enjoyed seeing your bench and work station.

  4. Echo echo echo echo........

    xo Jane

  5. A beautiful piece Belinda and your gardens looks amazing from the previous post. Gorgeous peonies too... one of my favourites. X

  6. What a tidy workspace! I think if you make work with a passion and love, despite your feeling the need to gulp, it is transmitted and picked up by people who see it - and then a sort of magic happens and you feel a real sense of communication, you know you have something in common - blogger support is so affirming and, as you say, extra ordinary.

  7. Abby, it is amazing how one gets to know people without meeting, new for me, I never had a penpal. So glad the brooch is being admired!

    American in Bath, thank you!

    katie, hugs!

    Lilacs,I really like seeing where people make stuff, am thinking about doing a more detailed post about it, so good to hear its not boring readers!

    Jane, thx thx thx!

    S-E, thanks, and I agree peonies take some beating!

    Jennifer, it is an amazing idea, that the passion/love you put into a piece is transmitted by the forms you make....

  8. Hi Belinda,

    Your jewellery looks gorgeous very simple yet eye-catching. I'm very tempted by the raindrop studs!
    In response to your query on my blog - yes I think I used PVA glue, though there might be a more professional alternative out there!

    Charlotte @ Cottage in Totteridge

  9. I have missed so many luscious posts Belinda!

    Your silver jewellery is very simple and elegant .... and your floral posts have blown me away. They are exquisite!

    Everything is all out of kilter though isn't it. I hope the rain comes soon, my garden is bone dry, however the vegetables are romping away - they get all the precious water.


  10. Gorgeous blog. Fab photography. Knew your flowers were heavenly but your jewellery is gorgeous. I'm bringing my wallet next time I see you!

    Nicki x

  11. Hello Belinda:
    First, thank you so much for coming across to our blog by which we have found you! And what a find!

    Looking through some of your earlier posts, we are struck by the wonderful images which you include and which show the most marvellous combinations of colours, particularly of flowers, and where you are not afraid to use quite daring tints and hues, all of which work so very successfully. We love the cerise pink which, when we gardened in Herefordshire [for over 25 years], we used as an accent colour throughout different parts of the garden.

    And your jewellery is equally exciting; we shall so look forward to your future posts.

  12. Such a beautiful piece and love the name, I have always had a preference for silver rather than gold.. nice to see your workspace too :) x