May 31, 2011

White and green, with a little pink here and there

For me, it is all about the freshest greens and whites in my garden bouquets at the moment.

Achemilla mollis, astrantia, nigella, orlaya grandiflora, alliums and briza minima.

The nigella and orlaya are really romping away, the nearest I will get to proper cropping and harvesting!

A few pinks and purples have been creeping in,

Campanulas and peonies were added to the mix here. All the flowers were grown outside in my garden, no polytunnel or greenhouse, no chemicals or to be honest, much pampering, so if you are tempted to plant some flowers with a mind to cutting them to enjoy indoors, I cannot recommend this lot more. Tough, robust and floriferous. All the flowers you see here on the Wild Acre blog were grown in this way, so you know they are do-ers or, frankly, I wouldn't bother growing them. I will shortly add a list of my top flowers for cutting, easy no-fuss ones, would that be useful?

More pinks and purples are turning up to say hello to June in the borders, poppies (which I grow for the blooms in the garden and seedheads in bouquets), peonies (cut in soft, 'marshmallow'bud stage to have the whole glorious fandangle in the vase), napeta, salvias and lupins.

May seemed to come and go in a flash, June I plan to make a real attempt to savour amid the busyness. Which is all very well, but how? I am thinking perhaps getting up 20 minutes earlier (ouch, but at least it is light), and having my first cup of tea wandering around the garden instead of in bed. A plan?


  1. Hello Belinda:
    A breakfast garden stroll sounds like a wonderful plan and, if June compares in any way with May, there will be something exciting to see every day.

    Your 'cottage garden flowers' make such lovely bouquets and arrangements. Chic without havng to be overstyled, they are glorious and look to have been grown naturally without being forced in any way. They surely would make any lucky recipient jump for joy!

  2. I love white and green ... one of my favourite combinations :)

  3. Sounds Like a good plan, I was in the allotment this morning at 7.15!! no school run Yey!! Your flowers are stunning as always, I'm hoping june will go slow too xx

  4. Gorgeous pics of gorgeous flowers! Makes me look forward to spring here in NZ. A list of your top pickers would be great, I am planning a new cutting garden when we move.

  5. Morning tea, trotting around the garden whilst sporting dressing gown, early enough to see the spiders webs glisten on the grass tips and admiring June in all her blowsiness - the white bunches are dazzling must must must grow some orlaya...the picture of the white Nigella with your barn in the background is my favourite Wildacre shot yet!
    Aah, the Cumberbatch, he is a jewel so glad you agree Belinda, you know those white flowers are stars when you think about it, shining out from the green of the garden,
    Lovely to hear we are in such accord,

    Sarah xXx

  6. Please DO post your list of good cut flowers. I have spent so many years building up the perennials with an eye to color in the garden that I really don't have many flowers to cut. Lots of day lilies - but not good in a vase! I love the cool look of your green and white, but don't recognize half the flowers!

    Thanks for the help! xoxo

  7. Such a glorious feast for the eyes! Thank you for sharing such loveliness! Love Brenda

  8. Belinda, I love them all, but the Foxgloves just took my breath away....stunning. Gorgeous photos too. Yes please to your list of cutting flowers! Love Linda x

  9. Belinda,

    I love love love white bouquets and just seeing these works of art has made my day better!

    Your foxgloves are seriously beautiful too!

  10. hi belinda,

    i'd love a list like that. i love white and green mixes. so beautiful. also, your foxglove looks spectacular. ours is so delicate here. most treat it as an annual. i'm so shocked and happy when mine returns ea year. so far so good this year.

  11. Some wonderful photos and flowers today Belinda and yes I would love a list of best cut flowers and the source of the seeds please :) x

  12. Hello Belinda,
    Such beautiful flowers! I'm having a happy early morning finding fantastic new blogs! - I'm quite new to this...
    Best wishes, Jane

  13. I love my morning stroll around the garden with tea in hand - highly recommend it. I'm hoping for a slower June, can't believe it's here already.

  14. Fabulous pictures Belinda. Your lupins are a beautiful colour. Mine are the more common pink variety, although thankfully the huge aphids have stayed away this year so they have not suffered. I presume it must be due to the spring weather we have had? Abby xx

  15. I would be your very best customer.

    Lupines, a dream only in our climate.

    Your fence....

    Yes get up early, I'm out every morning, latte in hand sporting a bed head look, looking, looking, looking.

    Beautiful way to start the day.

    xo jane

  16. In my dreams I have foxgloves blooming in the're living my dream! Your bouquets are stunning and I only wish I lived closer. I bet the garden and bouquets are even more heavenly in person...and I'd love to sip tea with you while rambling through the garden :)

  17. Your arrangements are just fab and I wish I could fill my house with them. I love the idea of an early morning barefoot meander round the plot here but it's too much like a scrap yard to entice at the moment.

  18. I'd get up early every morning to be able to stroll through your patch of heaven, Belinda! I love the plant combinations you've selected and your posies are truly light and airy! You are an intuitive artist for sure!

  19. Beautiful and elegant. Opposite of a bunch of gerbera! I am jealous that your nigella and orlaya are flowering already - when did you plant them?

  20. Hi Belinda,
    More gorgeous photos once again and I love the white and green bouquet in the enamel beautiful.
    With all your hard work in the garden I think your first cup of tea in bed is justly can always have a second cup later amongst the flowers.
    Julie x

  21. Jane and Lance, thank you for your kind comments about the flowers, and yes, I love this time of year when the garden seems to change by the hour!

    Christine, me too!

    Sophie, that is allotment fervour! But everything looks so lovely in the early morning doesn't it, and one feels so damn productive!

    Hostess, awww,,you say the loveliest things, thank you!

    Janet, it is shade they love, just give 'em shade! Will get to that list.

    Deb, yep, will add the seed suppliers to the list.

    Jane, a big welcome to Wild Acre, thanks so much for visiting, I will hop over to yours soon!

    F in the F, I'm going to go for the dressing gown and cuppa and never mind the neighbours, hopefully they will still be asleep. Might scare the horses though!

    Abby, I don't seem to get pests on my lupins but they do get mildewy sometimes, that is why I don't grow more of them.

    Jane, it has got to be a great way to start the day. Maybe it will make me less of a grump at breakfast too!

    b.b., I'd love to offer you a cup of tea and a wander in the garden! I'm hoping some of you lovely U.S. floral bloggers will visit the UK in the future, and will visit me for afternoon tea in the garden!x

    cupcakes, thank you so much! Our garden was a rutted field 10 years ago, it is an amazing adventure creating a garden.

    Dee, oh, what a lovely comment. I would love to be an intuitive artist, I feel like I am just starting to trust my instincts more...

    Andrea, they were both autumn seeded, the nigella selfseeded and the orlaya by me in September. The other row of Orlaya that I planted in March is still only about 4 inches high, weeks even months away from flowering - just shows what a difference it makes and how totally hardy they are. Good to sow both times I was thinking, to extend their season. Orlaya rocks, everyone seems to love it and it doesn't get black fly like my Ammi does.

  22. I would certainly get up 20 minutes earlier each day if it meant that I could walk through this garden...what a way to start the day with a hot cup of tea. Your post today just made my day! I love seeing your arrangements with your little tags tied onto them, but also all the beautiful shots of flowers in the pretty!

  23. Stunning, stunning, stunning. The flowers, the bouquets and arrangements, the photography, your garden. Such beauty. And you are so talented. x

  24. What a scrumptious feast for the eyes.I have just come in from my evening garden stroll what a haven the warm evenings evenings are,heady scents,mown lawns,bird song.

    Belinda your posts are so beautiful they lift the spirit to visit.Ida x

  25. I know I am not your typical reader but would love for you to create a list of good cutting flowers. I'm a bit scared of cutting flowers because I've heard so many stories of plants never flowering again after a chop. I'd like to fill my garden with gorgeous plants that grow like crazy, flower in abundance and love being cut. They'd also come back each year. Do such plants exist?!

    I absolutely love your flower arrangements, they are just gorgeous.

    Nicki xx