June 06, 2011

Flowers in the house

Whoooosh, Monday morning! There has been a week of kids off school; sunshine, sleepovers, teenagers camping in the garden, cricket matches, parties and dancing to live music (husband playing, me dancing, oh yeah!), too little sleep and too much ice cream but so much fun.

So, suddenly with the children back at school, the house gently swaying from the busyness of the week, I am woefully  unprepared for the flower party at Jane's blog this morning. My cunning plan was to wander around the garden this sunny morning and pick from the suddenly bewildering array of gorgeous blooms in the garden. Except it is pouring with rain, stair-rods, which is desperately needed but soggily hopeless for picking flowers! With apologies for making do with a scoop-up of what is already in the house (not much, having been away), and a few pics of recent bouquets, this is the final party I am attending before hunkering down to some much overdue work and possibly a cheeky snooze, I mean power nap, after lunch.

Mediterranean Bells, columbine and geranium in a vintage bottle, with unattractive othopedic cushion in background!

Potted lavender from a friend, thanks Caroline!

Allium christophii on the kitchen table, tricky to mix in a bouquet but lovely on their own I think.

Below, white alliums, nigella, bupleurum griffithii, astrantia, campanula, briza maxima, mint - all from the garden. I love the fresh scent of mint in bouquets and have a whole raised bed full of different varieties.

Said recent bouquets, posy really this one.

Don't be shy, come and meet the others over at Jane's, she gives the best parties!


  1. Hello Belinda:
    What an attractive idea to add Mint to a bouquet. There are so many varieties and so one could be sure to match quite an interesting scent to each flower collection. Brilliant!

    And, the Nectaroscordum s. bulgaricum is absolutely wonderful. We love the dusty shades and the delicate hanging heads.

  2. Oh you have rain, it started out here lovely but now clouding over so maybe its on it way to us.. well we could do with it.

    Your flowers are, as always lovely, you will have to let us know where to get the seeds for White Love in the Mist, I only ever see blue x

  3. Love the blue and white bouquet Belinda. The Alliums look wonderful in a vase by themselves, I really have to get me some Alliums for the garden for next year. Glad you had such a fun week, enjoy your little snoozie, love Linda x

  4. Pouring rain? you wouldn't know it from your pictures.

    Did you need the cushion after too much dancing?

    Your bouquets are as beautiful as ever. Both you and Deb from the fisherman's cottage make me want to try harder in the garden.

    And to brush up on my Latin.

    Enjoy the quiet. It's 1:00pm there, you might already be napping. Sweet dreams.

    xo jane

  5. ooh gorgeous, inspiration for my new flower beds!

  6. this is woefully unprepared?

    your flowers are gorgeous as always.


  7. Hi Belinda,
    My Mum loved her flowers and my earrings!!

    Thanks again for having them ready at such short notice Naomi xx

  8. Jane and Lance, I'm so glad you agree, because mint is my favourite foliage with cut flowers at the moment. We eat quite a lot of mint in the summer too, there is a wonderful chocolate mint that is lovely with summery puddings!

    Deb, the seeds are from Sarah Raven's online site, go if you can stand the temptations!! I am more than happy to send you an envelope of seeds, if you would like?

    Linda, go mad buying allium bulbs in September, you will be so thrilled next spring!

    Jane, eyelids heavy!! Recovery time after very short nights is getting longer, just can't hack it like I could!! Loved the dancing tho! Love the monday parties round yours too, and glad you had such a brilliant weekend. xx

    Tess, All so easy to grow, I don't have time for fussy plants. I don't sew at all, but have masses of lavender to chop down at the end of the summer. Let me know if you want any for your creations, all organic. Either that or I will have a very fragrant compost heap!x

    Janet, well I did have to pilfer the photo files, not all today's blooms! On a totally different topic, can I just say, *Ralph Lauren jeans* - a total discovery, inspired by your blog!!

    Naomi, soooo pleased! xx

  9. i really wanted to do this today but due to a catalogue of disasters this morning (breakdown man had to come out and restart flora, two different garage visits and a lost handbag) i am frankly exhausted and am now softening the blow with a generous portion of chocolate cake. i love that flower in the first picture though, is that a sarah raven too? it's a beaut. i'll be back in the game next monday for sure...

  10. Ha ha! I would have never noticed the cushion had you not mentioned it, I was way too focused on the lovely candle sticks and sweet simple bud vase. They look lovely despite the rain!

  11. I can see I need to plant a lot more flowers. You can't tell that it is rainy, everything is so sunny looking..I do need to learn the real names of flowers.

  12. You grow amazing flowers and plants and the bouquets are exquisite.

  13. Beautiful flowers in your house :)

  14. I would never have thought to use mint in a floral arrangement, and it is rampant in my garden too. Another wonderful idea, thank you! Abby xx

  15. Lotte, it is Nectaroscordum s. bulgarium but I can't always be arsed to say that and use the nickname Mediterranean Bells! It is from the allium family but doesn't smell of onions which is always a bonus for bouquets!! Really long strong stems, bet it would be fab for the right events. The colour is v subdued and vintage-y pinky brown. Can get the bulbs any old where. So sorry to hear about the morning from hell - hope the day improved? Jane's flower party is once a month, so looking forward to your flowers in a few weeks. xx

    Katie, thanks, clearly though I am not a stylist!! The flowers were picked last week, they last for ages!

    Sherri B, most of the flowers were photographed a few days ago when the sun was blazing, hence my apology about being at a bit of a loss in the rain this morning! Proper names are useful, but the nicknames have the charm, no?

    S and Z, you are such a gem with your words of encouragement! Thank you!!

    Helen, thank you so much!

    Abby, there is only so much mint one can eat in one summer after all!! Lasts for ages in a vase as long as you cut when it is cool, evening or sparrow's fart!!

  16. I love that jam jar posy at the bottom with the chic striped ribbon

  17. Always so beautiful Belinda. I love the Allium christophii, I have never seen them and they are gorgeous! Sorry about the rain, I hope it cleared up for you.:)

  18. I never noticed the cushion as I was too busy thinking I must get some glass like yours. I've planted mint for cutting. Still a bit small yet.

  19. Gorgeous. I wish my nigella would flower. It seems to have been sitting there are tiny plants for ages. Maybe it needs some rain! Love your white and blue flowers and the mint too.

  20. Oooooh! I love the idea of mint in an arrangement - see how much I am learning from you guys. The flowers are lovely and well above the realm of "left overs". Thanks for sharing.

  21. Hello! quick dash to say Hi/Bye! See you soon and thank you Belinda for your good wishes. See you soon,

    Sarah xXx

  22. Your flower arrangements are artful, and reveal, that you are skillful at what you are doing.
    I only have 1-2 flower arrangements ( or none ) / at a time, as I believe less is more.

  23. Such lovely blooms!

    With the lack of rain my poor old garden is looking so neglected at the moment.

    Nina x

    ps. no I didn't know that - I do like the description though....a lot. N x

  24. Beautiful flowers, beautiful house! It's always so much fun to get a peek inside your black barn!

    Your alliums are stunning.

  25. You might have been woefully unprepared Belinda but at least you got some flowers there and lovely photographs too. I am afraid I failed miserably this time! XX

  26. First off love your barn,we had one..well 3 which HB restored.I really love barns,& was sad to leave mine but when I inherited this estate in the Marches we sold them,but intend returning to 'barn life' again!

    I have many different mints in the herb garden,so will certainly use them in arrangements,thanks for the tip.
    I dry my Alliums later,do you?
    We have loads of Turks Cap 'Amber Gold'in the woodland garden,beautiful to look at,but smell awful!sadly.
    May I be nosey like your glass candle holders in the first photo,would love to buy some.
    Happy gardening.Ida

  27. Lilacs, if you lived nearer, i'd give it to you!

    Michelle, thank you so much. They are the easiest bulbs to grow and the flowers are huge and last about 2 weeks in a vase, see if you can get some in September!x

    Gill, just wait, mint takes hold and goes crazy! You will have to be brutal if it gets too rampant!

    Elizabeth, yours will be in bloom when mine have gone over, maybe some rain will speed them along!

    Webb, mint smells soo good in a bouquet!

    S-J, happy moving, see you soon!

    Mette, I usually have some flowers on the kitchen table and sittingroom in the summer months, and on our bedside table, less in the winter. I don't like houseplants much for that reason, too much clutter for me. My photos were taken over about a week or two so I didn't have them all at once.

    Tabiboo, it is an interesting history I agree. Forgot the detail that before Crecy, at a previous battle, the French caught and imprisoned some of our archers and chopped off their index and middle fingers so they would never be able to use bow/arrows again, so the gesturing had added menace I imagine. So hope it is a true story, I believe it has sound research behind it!

    Jaime, come visit one day and see it for realz!

    SE, had to pilfer pics from the week before tho!

    Ida, there is something very relaxing about barn-life I agree! The candlesticks are from Cox and Cox mailorder - so many lovely things in that catalogue!

  28. You are so right Belinda I can't decide what to buy. Thank you for the name.Ida

  29. I love the white astrantia, Belinda, which variety is it?
    K x